Current Resident

Saba Stovall

Saba [Stovall] lives in Atlanta, Georgia. They work with traditionally domestic art forms, specifically ceramics and fiber arts. They received their BFA in Ceramics from Georgia State University and they are currently pursuing an BA and MA in Art History, with the intent to increase public knowledge of contemporary ceramics and fiber arts.

Current Resident

Michelle Batho

Michelle Batho knows where the band aids are. She is a weaver and writer with a fervent curiosity about translation and systems. Her craft sensibility informs all of her endeavors, from slicing deli meats to reupholstery and screenprinting. She hopes to begin bringing together thinkers from seemingly unrelated fields to strengthen a shared understanding of knowledge and learning.
Batho’s weavings, furniture, writing, and printed cloths have been featured in gallery shows including Why I Write. Why I Create.; Art/Books; Fibers Major Show; Sexual Selections; and Language Situated. Some of her curatorial work produced the Fibers & SIM All School Show and Folds.

Following her time at Arts Letters & Numbers she will be participating in Penland School of Craft’s summer workshop Structure and Form within the work study program. Batho has trained herself to “manage fullness by making fullness,” and through this continues to work towards a liminal life.  

Current Resident

Bianca Turner

Bianca Turner (1984, Brazilian) is a multimedia artist, holds a BA in ‘Performance Design and Practice’ from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design (2011, London, UK) and a Master of Arts in “Scenography” from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (2013, London, UK).

Her research is on the subjectivity of memory: Is memory material or immaterial? Is memory embedded in objects? – A quest that doesn’t have the intention to be solved but yet to be the source for many artworks.

‘My work explores the documentation of the ephemeral. 
I explore the immaterially of an object or a place; the invisible, the subjective, and the unspeakable.
I think of memory as built in the present rather than something from the past; and I am interested in traces and layers as textures of memory and nostalgia.’

Current Resident

Andrew Norris

Andrew Norris is an artist based in Johnson City, TN. He graduated from East Tennessee State University with a BFA concentrating in painting. Working with a filtered version of traditional oil painting techniques, Andrew explores gender and masculinity roles cultivated in the south and Appalachian Mountains.

Current Resident

Brooke Long

Brooke Long  graduated from the State University of New York at New Paltz with a Masters of Fine Arts degree in May 2016. She uses simple methods to fragment, arrange, construct, and abstract architectural space. The use of transitional shifts  evoke ambiguity within the spaces. She creates the illusion of continuously changing environments using lines, geometric forms, and a quirky color palette.

She has had solo shows in Williamsport at the Community Arts Center College Town Gallery, Alabaster Coffee Shop and Lycoming College Snowden Gallery. Art and literary publications include the Lycoming College Tributary.

Long’s work has been displayed in a group exhibition at Greenpoint Gallery in the Bronx, ArtBar Gallery in Kingston, NY, and was part of a collaboration piece in the Bronx at Wavehill.

She completed a Bachelor of Arts degree with emphasis in painting and sculpture at  Lycoming College in Williamsport, Pennsylvania in May 2014.

Current Resident

Brittany Hayden

Born in Houston, TX
Living and working in Denton, TX

After years and years of trial and error I have finally found a medium and subject that I am constantly excited to create work with and about. Wanting to always make work that focused on the figure but not knowing how to portray it in an interesting way I have finally decided to make my work more personal and use my sleep paralysis as my reference. 
Being stuck in my nightmares was a constant, terrifying experience for me growing up, whether it were large figures walking around my room or me (imaginative) sitting on top of myself(real) and not being able to move an inch the entire time but constantly screaming with no sound.
I've always thought of my work as an "acquired taste" because they are inspired from my nightmares but, I believe our dreams tell us a lot of the kind of people that we are and chose to be. My work can be quite unsettling and quietly loud. There's a demonic feel to the figures in my work that also has a natural human likeness and make people uncomfortable but fascinated. The viewer tends to reflect their own emotions and nightmares onto my work leading them to believe what they think my pieces mean.
So, like sleep paralysis, I am bridging the world between conscious and subconscious. I want to be able to reflect that terror in my work that I have gone through as a child and continue to go through as an adult.

Past Resident

Rhona Eve Clews

Rhona Eve Clews (b. 1977, UK) is a fine artist and photographer. She has a dual background in psychology and photography and holds a Bachelors in Psychology and a Postgraduate Diploma in Photography from the University of Arts, London.