Past Resident

Rhona Eve Clews

Rhona Eve Clews (b. 1977, UK) is a fine artist and photographer. She has a dual background in psychology and photography and holds a Bachelors in Psychology and a Postgraduate Diploma in Photography from the University of Arts, London. 

Working predominately with analogue photographic processes including cameraless photography, film, light sensitive materials and sunprint paper (originally intended for use by children) her experimental processes echo early nineteenth century photographic practices and attempt to challenge notions of photographic stability, reproduction and representation, knowingly referencing painting, drawing and performance art histories.

Experiencing photography as a physical, psychological and mystical practice, Rhona sees the camera as an intermediary device for accessing particular states of consciousness. Using nature as her darkroom she propels herself in experiential performances which place her in direct relationship with nature and the elements so that sunlight, moonlight, fire, and darkness appear to interact physically with the work. 

Previous works have included a series of night walks making colour photograms with flashlight and fire; concocting false "moons" in the daytime with a found glass lens and filming her attempts to stay connected to the cycles of nature between bus stops in London.  In her repetitive quest to connect with invisible forces she embraces ritual and ceremony, obsession and failure, personal and collective mythologies. 

At Arts, Letters and Numbers Rhona has been exploring the symbolism of windows and the role of physical theatre and performance to her practice, experimenting with contemporary approaches to ancient wisdom.