Past Resident

Francisco "TOTEM" Perez

He began his artistic career as an theater actor, it is in 2002 when he moved to Berlin and immersed himself into the city's well known "subcultures". Nowdays Francisco works and exhibits at his Atellier / Gallery "Subsuelo" located in the district of Kreuzberg.

The range of his art form is widely distributed. Painting, installations, lighting objects, sculptures and working with recycled materials are some of his art forms, as well as large-scale murals in public spaces. His paintings have been exhibited in different countries, among others, Mexico, Chile, France, Spain, Slovenia , New York, Hungary and Germany.

About his painting, the artist says: "When I choose my colors, I could bring my imagination to life, I travel, projecting improvising with what gives me the code for the work and experiment with the surprise, the ...unexpected, and let the colors move. I give my self in my pictures."