Past Resident

Kristín Rúnarsdóttir

My artistic work builds on the basic elements of painting, line and colour. My studio work is focused on drawing, using pencils and gouache on paper and making small scale models from wood. In an exhibition context I like to draw on floors and walls with tape and build wooden constructions to create complicated installations. 

My visual imagery is clean-cut, and straddles the institutional and cold on the one hand and the personal and playful on the other. I am inspired by the visual imagery of public spaces, rules and organisation. From the world of sport I base my work on stadiums, the layout of gymnastic halls and specific equipment that defines certain exercises and movements. I also study parking spaces, roads, airports and other clearly defined spaces, designed to keep people safe from disorder and accidents.

In my recent installations the emphasising factors are playfully spread out, making it hard to pinpoint them as something representational. They remind one of a lot of things but the definition is immediately dispersed, as in reality the works don´t represent anything special; they are all about context and conditions. Games spring to mind, one would like to take part but it is unclear what form of game or movement belongs within this frame. Each and every one is given space to allow the mind to wander and adjust the rules to their own preferences. The work has potential to call forth reflections on the position of the individual in society and possibilities of change within static systems.