Past Resident

Mia Cross

Figures, narrative, and symbols play a large role in my work. I usually choose to relay these ideas via sculpture, painting, or drawing. I try to engage dichotomies and balance in my work. This balance could be between lightheartedness and darkness, heavy materials and light, line and space, detail and spontaneity, whimsy and seriousness. I am intrigued by work that is slightly surreal, memories, fairytales,mythology, history. For my thesis I focused a lot on a woman's role as a "homebody". I was exploring this notion of the thin line between different objects. For example if a woman stayed perfectly still, poised in the living room in a puffy dress, could we call her a couch? When does one thing become another?

Usually my work starts with a lyric or phrase, perhaps a pun or a string of words I find amusing. Sometimes I begin with drawings, but straying from the initial plan to experiment with new materials, colors, themes or to bring in new influences is another important process for me. I think a lot about the audience that will be viewing my work. I try to create a bridge between the art and the audience, an access point so the art is not passed by without a second thought. I think this is why I often use figures to relay a mood, a situation, I feel that a figure can immediately make a connection with a viewer.