Past Resident

Zurab Kerdikoshvili

A major component of my work is the reassembling of the pictorial elements of found photographs alongside a deconstruction of images from my own archive of pictures and drawings. Since my late student period, I have collected and use in my practice, found photographs and images, the idea of the anonymous photograph and therefore the found photograph has always intrigued me, they are artefacts that enter our visual consciences completely on their own. They do not have recognition, name, any other kind of pre-dated credibility to launch them into our viewfinder. All this brings a bit of wonderment back to the medium.
I am also engaged with a book art as a medium, which I 'grasp' as a imaginary space as well as a sensory object that moves and can be located within a space.

Working across a variety of media including painting, drawing, collage, installation, book art, my work reflects the fundamental theme of human existence, life and death itself. The psychological theme of memory, melancholy, dream, nostalgia, often derive from my childhood, and are important parts of my research work. Regardless of the media with which I chose to engage myself, I am attracted to the past experience of my work and my relationship to its growth. 

Through art I find enough liberty to go deeper into subjects developing from my personal experience, my childhood years in the former Soviet Union, my illusions, places and emotions from where my life started.

The subjects of my work are often charged with exuberant estrangement and are exhibited in dramatic relation to each other, and with a significant critical space surrounding them. My pictures illustrate possibilities to observe our connection with the past and the future, even when the future might seem pessimistic, it is filled with memories.