Past Resident

Ashley Gerst

My personal work combines digital and traditional sculptural mediums by merging 3D animation and computer created characters with physical 3D sculptural elements and set design.  

As a sculptor, I enjoy the combination of many elements: traditional feminine arts like crafting, knitting, and soft textile manipulation, approaches to feminism, history, and magical realism or low-fantasy literary genres, as well as finding new ways of representing sculptural realism. I am interested in continuing and adding to this style and body of work by refining my scupltural and 3D animation techniques, marriage of the two, and stylization of both as a unified fictional world and belief suspending structure.

I approach my work in a social, yet immersive nature. Art-making for me is a consistent entity, building and shaping a piece into a new reality. As an animator, it is important for myself to work toward creating a new, dynamic world that an audience can immediately relate to. This influences others by having a consistent companion in the workplace that is as dedicated to their work and it's development as well as my own. While creating an animation, it is important for me to work in a community, surrounded by the critique of my potential audience.