Past Resident

Kathryn Dallimore

I am interested in the environment, in particular the natural environment and the manmade/cultural environment and how within contemporary culture/society the natural environment, including all animals and plant species, are perceived as the alterity. As a result, such detachment to the natural world has solicited acts of infiltration and destruction to the earth's core, surface environment, and atmosphere. My work seeks to question this mode of human perception and wishes to investigate ways of readdressing such attitudes so that an alignment and balance between nature and culture can be attained.  

Readings that I am particularly interested in are writings by Felix Guatarri's - The Three Ecologies.

I am also looking at writings on alchemy in particular finding cohesion between two polarities and also the transmutation from base material, to gold. 

Other readings that inspire are topics relating to themes of 'utopia' in particular 'imagining utopias' and whether the creation of these imaginative worlds are plausible and capable of manifesting into the tangible.

The above fields of interest have led me to work with an array of artificial materials that include materials of mass production such as plastic, beads, wire, and other junk matter that circulate the planet. I will also be working with some organic objects found in nature and the process will involve marrying the two as to achieve unison. The work will embody an otherworldly sculptural form that imitates organic forms as found in nature.
I would also like to experiment with painting and somehow incorporate the artificial materials into the painting. The painting will therefore defy traditional painting methods and adopt a more contemporary fusion of a 3D and 2D amalgamation.