Residency Fellowship

Nick Meehan

Nick Meehan is from Wilmington, Delaware where he grew up working in his Dad's vintage car parts shop. A multimedia artist, architect, and eternal lover of drawing whose studies have taken him from Rhode Island to Tokyo to Copenhagen and Rio de Janeiro, Nick graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with a Bachelors of Architecture in 2018. Working in and around themes of sublime ennui, camouflaged forces, and queer darkness, his projects narrate a post-capitalistic metamodern landscape where banal components are aggregated into sensual space and even love stories. Nick received the Thesis Award for his senior thesis Come and Go, an exhibition/performance/urban model that proposed a virtual architecture of gay cruising culture. 

Residency Fellowship

Hyunbae Chang

Hyunbae was born in West Lafayette, Indiana, but moved to South Korea at the age of 4. He spent the youth in Seoul and moved back to the US in his sophomore year at high school in Marietta, Georgia. One year after entering Rhode Island School of Design, he served 21 months at the Army of South Korea as a field artillery unit. After he received the B.Arch at RISD, he participated in two summer workshops at Arts Letters and Numbers and decided to stay at the organization to support any construction related issues. 

Prior to joining ALN, Hyunbae has been drawing a story of a refugee at the border between South and North Korea. Regarding architecture as a social apparatus, he is examining and imagining a story of the doubt and empathy in a culture by drafting the architectural plans and sections, and sometimes projections. 

“The hallucinatory effect derives from the extraordinary clarity and not from mystery or mist. Nothing is more fantastic ultimately than precision” (Robbe-Grillet on Kafka).

Residency Fellowship

Jennifer Park

Jennifer Park is an artist engaging architecture and humanity based in Brooklyn. With a dual background, US and Republic of Korea, JP has pursued the ways to support people’s lives through drawing, writing, and making. Beyond the boundary of conventional architecture, JP's works open up from trivial observations in everyday life, branching out in a various medium; drawing, painting, poetry, precise, photography, installation, and architecture. 

Jennifer has been educated and practiced architecture since 2007. Graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in 2016, earning M. Arch, JP had worked for Face Design and Fabrication in Brooklyn and Verona Carpenter Architects in lower Manhattan. She recently joined Arts Letters & Numbers, a non-profit organization for artists, as a resident fellow contributing construction and marketing.