Past Resident


capt. is from Pasadena, California and is the youngest child of James and Sharon Stovall. After playing college football and attempts to play pro football. capt. left everything and entered art school at the Art Institute of Philadelphia to study advertising. After some time in the cold he made his way to San Diego where he continued his studies in advertising eventually dropping out to focus full time on his practice. While drawing his entire life and becoming strong as a portrait artist, capt. turned his sights on painting wanting to be like the greats before him. His art reflects love, intellect, and childlike desire to have fun and be free.

Artist statement:

Growing up the youngest and only boy, I had a lot of time to myself which allowed my imagination to roam free. I always knew there was something more, something out there for people who thought like me and growing up my grandfather taught me to question everything, even him, who was a pastor and supervisor of the UCLA life science department for 30 years. That along with my father’s past as an artist started me down the road of free thought and creativity. I drew everything and everywhere I went, in fact as a shy observant kid I don't remember a time where I wasn’t trying to creatively communicate with others with drawings, paintings, or designing and never stopped, I just saw playing sports as a way to fit in as I got older and hid the creativity. I loved the the feeling I got on the field creating just made me feel whole. It allowed me to see love, touch it, and become it and after while I knew there was only one path for me and it was being an artist. My love for history, work ethic, and dedication from sports translated into a hunger to leave a stamp on the world. My influences come from everything around me; nature, history books, comic strips, cartoons, fashion designers, to painters like Picasso, Jasper Johns, Basquiat, Paul Klee, Sol Lewitt, and Matisse. My brother Weza DuBois is also a huge influence on me, he's my partner and other half of LZY GENiUS, and he helps me be a better person daily.

Description of Work:

My work is meant to make people think deeper into what is actually there the way we look at kids and wonder what they might be thinking sometimes. A lot of the work is running inside jokes with myself and a divine presence but, people should draw their own conclusions and come up with their own stories as they look at the work. Everyone sees things differently and it is my job to allow each person see what they want in the work. I would love for them to see and feel the love and freedom in each piece. Spray paint, acrylic, and oils are used to create the canvas paintings, and a mathematical equation is used as my signature because no matter what the visual is, no matter if the picture makes sense to someone or not, the answer to the math is always right. Along with drawing and painting I also write, film, digital illustrate, make music, instillations, and any other mediums as a form of expression and communication.