Past Resident

Joseph Mastroianni

Joseph Mastroianni is a maker, creator, and Glorified Doodler living in Troy, New York.

Joseph’s work is a fast-paced, unremitting exploration of process and time. He creates oversaturated compositions influenced by our vastly stimulated contemporary culture. His digital drawings are a constant exploration of mark making and color that emerge through an autonomous process. Rather than using sketches or predetermined ideas he approaches each piece with the purpose to expand his eclectic forms, shapes, and characters that invade his work.

He evokes confusion within his compositions, mixing too many different formal elements and over saturating the surface with vibrant color.  This confusion is important.  As humans, especially adults, we attempt to over analyze and interpret our surroundings in search of concrete answers. As children, we continuously explored, daydreamed, and encompassed our nostalgic state.  The intended outcome of his work is to force the viewer to experience a constant daydream filled with humor and anxiety with a dash of uncertainty.