Past Resident

Anna Kate Blair

Anna Kate Blair is a writer and architectural historian from New Zealand. Her work is broadly concerned with intersections of place, politics and aesthetics, with subjective experiences of architecture and landscape and with concepts of ephemerality. She is currently working on writing projects concerned with islands and water, the Appalachian Trail and urban change in East London. She is very interested in experimental forms of writing, teaching, creating community and communicating research.

Anna's non-fiction has appeared in publications including 10 Stories: Writing about ArchitectureThe Journal of Art HistoriographyInside/Out MoMAThe Island ReviewThe AppendixPrint Quarterly and Untapped Cities and fiction in LitroHeadland and Pyramid Schemes: A Collective Cityscape. In 2017, she won the Warren Trust Prize for Architectural Writing. Anna has a PhD from the University of Cambridge and has previously worked in the Department of Architecture and Design at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and as an editor for King's Review.