Past Resident

Augustine Cordero

I had always been encouraged to make things as a child. My father, a home renovator. My mother, a serious crafter and appreciator of foreign arts. We always had stacks of books in our home filled with ancient art.

Later, I discovered influences through popular media in the late 80s and early 90s. The root of these influences stemed primarily from cartoons, video games and toys. Drawing my favorite characters during these cartoon shows or pause my current adventure in a game to admire the dynamics and colors of whichever current protagonist I was in control of. I wanted to make up my own heroes and narratives and would devised elaborate battle scenes with my toys. Even sometimes creating my own figures from broken parts.

This lead me further into visual investigations as a teen. Ones that I later understood to be low brow at the root: graffiti characters, low rider arte, comics, and even horror magazines.

After this, a career in the visual arts became my primary focus. Later earning me a BFA from the University of North Texas where I discovered traditional subject matter and honed my techniques. 

Past Resident

Betsey Gravatt

Betsey Gravatt is an artist based in North Texas. She received her BFA in Studio Art, with a concentration in Drawing and Painting, from the University of North Texas. She is currently in her second year at Texas Woman’s University, undertaking an MFA in Painting, and a minor in Intermedia. Gravatt's work has received several awards, including the Annual Voertman's Award, The Cindi and Mike Holt Award, and the John Weinkein Distinction in the Visual Arts Award.
Betsey currently teaches Watercolor at Texas Woman's University, and gives Professional Practices lectures at universities and high schools in the North Texas area. In recent years, she has been an artist in residence in New York, North Carolina, and California, and her upcoming projects include solo exhibitions in Denton and Fort Worth, Texas.


In my paintings, I use vibrant colors and an alphabet of geometric and organic shapes to depict happy memories of my childhood. My process begins in CAD software, such as SketchUp and Adobe Illustrator, where I am able to continuously create and build upon interacting rectilinear and organic objects that become part of a large and intricate structure. Working primarily with gouache, watercolor, and spray paint on laser cut birch panel, MDF, and paper, I create ambiguous shapes that reference toys, architecture, and optical illusion.
Using SketchUp and Illustrator, I create imaginary, nonfunctional spaces and objects in an array of blending and filtering colors that together form these larger structures and arrangements. In these programs, I can control aspects such as scale, transparency, and color until I have created a piece that is reminiscent of the places and objects that filled my childhood with color and appeal.
My work is exploratory rather than didactic, and one of my goals is to create an alternate reality for myself and my viewers to navigate. To me this environment is inviting and friendly, and reminds me of the places I lived in or visited, as well as objects I enjoyed while growing up. I am inspired by children’s toys that were popular in the 90’s, such as Lisa Frank and Polly Pocket dolls, and by TV shows I watched as a young girl, and I use my process as an outlet for childhood wonder and creativity. From start to finish, I feel as though I am a child playing pretend. 



Past Resident

Santana Dardot

Santana Dardot is a visual artist that currently focuses on investigating — through visual narratives — experiences related to the effects and the presence of the forces of the living world in the living body, that seizes them through the affections, the perceptions, and the extra-sensorial. 

Graduated in Graphic Design at the Escola de Design of Universidade do Estado de Minas Gerais (Brazil), he participated in the XI Salão Nacional Victor Meirelles* (2017, Brazil), Videobrasil Electronic Art Festival (2003, Brazil), Tipografia Brasilis (2002, Brazil) and the Brazilian Graphic Design Biennial (2004, 2006, Brazil). He held an individual exhibition at the Galeria do Restaurante do Ano (2013, Brazil) and a special participation in the exhibition Acervo Disseminado – Potes do Sertão (2016, Brazil). He has published works in several publications, such as Latino – America Grafica (2002, Germany), Semipermanent (2006, Australia) and Disorder in Progress (2006, Germany). 



Past Resident

Antonia B. Larkin

Antonia B. Larkin (b.1990, Germany) is an interdisciplinary artist with a BFA from Georgia Southern University, and an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of art.

Larkin's work deals with navigating contemporary black womanhood within western constructs that facilitate misogynoir. While black women are still women the intersection often pushes and pulls across the spectrum of identity. Navigating has led her to wonder where the black female body stands socially and historically. Is it problematic for a black woman to identify with Olympia and not her maid? Are black women more akin to King Kong or a damsel in distress?

Larkin seeks to understand the western construction of the black female body, and being.

Past Resident

Joyce Watkins King

Artists Statement:  Joyce Watkins King

A child of the South and ancestor of Eli Whitney, I grew up in a small North Carolina town with a Mom who sewed my clothes as did her mother and grandmother before her. Learning to sew while I was in middle school was my introduction to soft sculpture, though I did not recognize it as such until I was in design school.

As a lifelong artist and designer, I have worked in many media, but the call of textiles always prevails. Textiles are part of my family history. They are a universal language that cuts across cultures worldwide, providing beauty, utility, identity, and symbols for special occasions: births, initiations, proms, ordinations, weddings, death. For me, fabric is also a metaphor for how many separate strands (fragile threads) can come together to make something strong and lasting--relationships, community, connections.

I strive to re-use thread, fabric, and findings in my work whenever possible, in opposition to the escalating trend of cheap fast fashion creation and consumption, with little regard for its consequences for growers, laborers, and our environment. 

Past Resident

Lauryn Welch

Lauryn Welch works and lives in Peterborough, New Hampshire. She started her undergraduate studies in painting at Rhode Island School of Design, and finished her BFA in painting and drawing at SUNY Purchase College in 2015. In her paintings and installations, she explores how color and pattern are used on the body to express or conceal one’s identity in relation to one’s environment. Her current body of work takes a split approach between body and landscape, and is heavily influenced by naturally occurring patterns. Her work has been shown across the Northeast, and has also been featured in Art New England and New American Paintings.

Past Resident

Eloise Sherrid

Eloise Sherrid is a New York City based filmmaker and multi-media artist. A recent graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, her work has been featured by BBC Radio 4, the Daily Mail, the Rhode Island International Film Festival, and io9.

Drawing on a broad range of skill sets and interests, Eloise's projects span documentary and narrative film making, writing, performance, and studio art.

In addition to her freelance work, Eloise is a teaching assistant at Art Prof, a free online center for fine arts education.

Past Resident

Brad Necyk

Brad Necyk is a multimedia artist in Canada whose practice engages with issues of medicine, mental health, and precarious populations and subjects. His works include drawings and paintings, still and motion film, sculpture, and performance. He recently finished a residency with AHS Transplant Services in 2015-16, works as an artist/researcher in a project on Head and Neck Cancer, and is completing an arts-based, research-creation Ph.D. in Psychiatry. Currently, he is a visiting artist/researcher at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto and has a studio residency at Workman Arts, Toronto. His current work focuses on patient experience, auto-ethnography, psychiatry, pharmaceutics, and biopolitics. His artistic work was included in the 2015 Alberta Biennial, and has been shown internationally; he has presented academic work at conferences in Canada and internationally, most recently at the 2017 SLSA conference in Phoenix, AZ, and the 2017 Association of Faculties of Pharmacy of Canada in Quebec. Brad sits on the boards of several professional bodies, and is a Scholar at the Integrative Health Institute at the University of Alberta. He currently teaches senior level courses in Drawing and Intermedia at the University of Alberta and MacEwan University.

Past Resident

Kyle Terrance

Kyle Terrence is an emerging artist and filmmaker from the industrial heart of Alberta, Canada. He holds a Masters of Fine Art from the University of Alberta where he developed his thesis, Pilgrimage: being in the end times. He is a member of the University of Alberta's Research-Creation & Social Justice CoLABoratory.

Terrence's most recent exhibition, Embeddings, was at the People’s Lodge as an artist in residence for the ADGSA Alumni Artist in Residence program. His most recent film screenings include 'Alberta' (in collaboration with Bradley Necyk) at the Metro Cinema as well as 'The Picnic' at the Roxi Theatre. He exhibited work at the 2015 SLSA “After Biopolitics” conference at Rice University, Texas. Terrence is currently an instructor at MacEwan University and the University of Alberta.

Terrence works primarily in film, performance, sculpture and photography. His work often thinks through various discourses such as the sublime, ecology, eschatology and theology. His newest body of work is looking to contemplate a link between the economic and masculine identities in the petrophilic province of Alberta.


Past Resident

Kristina Kassem

Kristina is a visual designer and artist. She currently works in branding and identity within the hospitality realm. She's worked with a range of brands and non-profits including The Plaza Hotel, The Global Oneness Project, The William Vale, and Chelsea Piers. As an artist assistant she has worked with Candy Chang to help Candy establish the Before I Die project which has been installed in over 70 countries including Iraq, China, Brazil, and Kazakhstan.

Past Resident

Joseph Mastroianni

Joseph Mastroianni is a maker, creator, and Glorified Doodler living in Troy, New York.

Joseph’s work is a fast-paced, unremitting exploration of process and time. He creates oversaturated compositions influenced by our vastly stimulated contemporary culture. His digital drawings are a constant exploration of mark making and color that emerge through an autonomous process. Rather than using sketches or predetermined ideas he approaches each piece with the purpose to expand his eclectic forms, shapes, and characters that invade his work.

He evokes confusion within his compositions, mixing too many different formal elements and over saturating the surface with vibrant color.  This confusion is important.  As humans, especially adults, we attempt to over analyze and interpret our surroundings in search of concrete answers. As children, we continuously explored, daydreamed, and encompassed our nostalgic state.  The intended outcome of his work is to force the viewer to experience a constant daydream filled with humor and anxiety with a dash of uncertainty.


Past Resident

Earl Carlson

Earl is an artist and designer. His work explores what makes us human and what we have control over. Earl's primary field of work is getting himself and others into a flow state where they can start to explore those questions in an in depth manner with one another. In his design career he works in large complex systems, currently he is at Facebook on the news team working on the news integrity initiative.

Past Resident

Justine Langella

Justine Langella is a video artist.

She works mainly with the mediums of video, photography and installation.

Her work is a work of instant and instinct. His raw material comes from her sensitive experience, her life. What emerges from this comes mostly from the family unit, spaces of chaos and violence, mainly from family meals. His work is nourished by these spaces where theatricality and play take precedence over the snapshot. When anguish dominates the moment, and she chooses to flee by taking the role of a watcher. As if all was suspended or frozen. All of this lead her around the notions of nostalgia, melancholy, impalpable and indeterminate things.

She says herself : "The loop plays on that too, it prevents the end and allows you to stretch the time.It does not require resolution ..."

Past Resident


capt. is from Pasadena, California and is the youngest child of James and Sharon Stovall. After playing college football and attempts to play pro football. capt. left everything and entered art school at the Art Institute of Philadelphia to study advertising. After some time in the cold he made his way to San Diego where he continued his studies in advertising eventually dropping out to focus full time on his practice. While drawing his entire life and becoming strong as a portrait artist, capt. turned his sights on painting wanting to be like the greats before him. His art reflects love, intellect, and childlike desire to have fun and be free.

Artist statement:

Growing up the youngest and only boy, I had a lot of time to myself which allowed my imagination to roam free. I always knew there was something more, something out there for people who thought like me and growing up my grandfather taught me to question everything, even him, who was a pastor and supervisor of the UCLA life science department for 30 years. That along with my father’s past as an artist started me down the road of free thought and creativity. I drew everything and everywhere I went, in fact as a shy observant kid I don't remember a time where I wasn’t trying to creatively communicate with others with drawings, paintings, or designing and never stopped, I just saw playing sports as a way to fit in as I got older and hid the creativity. I loved the the feeling I got on the field creating just made me feel whole. It allowed me to see love, touch it, and become it and after while I knew there was only one path for me and it was being an artist. My love for history, work ethic, and dedication from sports translated into a hunger to leave a stamp on the world. My influences come from everything around me; nature, history books, comic strips, cartoons, fashion designers, to painters like Picasso, Jasper Johns, Basquiat, Paul Klee, Sol Lewitt, and Matisse. My brother Weza DuBois is also a huge influence on me, he's my partner and other half of LZY GENiUS, and he helps me be a better person daily.

Description of Work:

My work is meant to make people think deeper into what is actually there the way we look at kids and wonder what they might be thinking sometimes. A lot of the work is running inside jokes with myself and a divine presence but, people should draw their own conclusions and come up with their own stories as they look at the work. Everyone sees things differently and it is my job to allow each person see what they want in the work. I would love for them to see and feel the love and freedom in each piece. Spray paint, acrylic, and oils are used to create the canvas paintings, and a mathematical equation is used as my signature because no matter what the visual is, no matter if the picture makes sense to someone or not, the answer to the math is always right. Along with drawing and painting I also write, film, digital illustrate, make music, instillations, and any other mediums as a form of expression and communication.