Past Resident

Andrew Norris

Andrew Norris is an artist based in Johnson City, TN. He graduated from East Tennessee State University with a BFA concentrating in painting. Working with a filtered version of traditional oil painting techniques, Andrew explores gender and masculinity roles cultivated in the south and Appalachian Mountains.

Past Resident

Michelle Batho

Michelle Batho knows where the band aids are. She is a weaver and writer with a fervent curiosity about translation and systems. Her craft sensibility informs all of her endeavors, from slicing deli meats to reupholstery and screenprinting. She hopes to begin bringing together thinkers from seemingly unrelated fields to strengthen a shared understanding of knowledge and learning.

Batho’s weavings, furniture, writing, and printed cloths have been featured in gallery shows including Why I Write. Why I Create.; Art/Books; Fibers Major Show; Sexual Selections; and Language Situated. Some of her curatorial work produced the Fibers & SIM All School Show and Folds.

Following her time at Arts Letters & Numbers she will be participating in Penland School of Craft’s summer workshop Structure and Form within the work study program. Batho has trained herself to “manage fullness by making fullness,” and through this continues to work towards a liminal life.  


Past Resident

Brooke Long

Brooke Long  graduated from the State University of New York at New Paltz with a Masters of Fine Arts degree in May 2016. She uses simple methods to fragment, arrange, construct, and abstract architectural space. The use of transitional shifts  evoke ambiguity within the spaces. She creates the illusion of continuously changing environments using lines, geometric forms, and a quirky color palette.

She has had solo shows in Williamsport at the Community Arts Center College Town Gallery, Alabaster Coffee Shop and Lycoming College Snowden Gallery. Art and literary publications include the Lycoming College Tributary.

Long’s work has been displayed in a group exhibition at Greenpoint Gallery in the Bronx, ArtBar Gallery in Kingston, NY, and was part of a collaboration piece in the Bronx at Wavehill.

She completed a Bachelor of Arts degree with emphasis in painting and sculpture at  Lycoming College in Williamsport, Pennsylvania in May 2014.

Past Resident

Saba Stovall

Saba Stovall lives in Atlanta, Georgia. They work with traditionally domestic art forms, specifically ceramics and fiber arts. They received their BFA in Ceramics from Georgia State University and they are currently pursuing an BA and MA in Art History, with the intent to increase public knowledge of contemporary ceramics and fiber arts.

Past Resident

William Eli Elkin

A mixed-media artist from Miami, Florida who works with idea of the reappropriation of materials and experiences through the use of a variety of items including found objects, oil and acrylic paint, drawing materials and anything available to the artist.  

The following is stated by William:

I have a wide scope set on the functions of art.  I want to stand in my studio, free of want and stress, yet filled with need for expression.  The need is to create life with my own two hands.  Each artwork is birthed siting the miracle of its own creation.  Each artwork is made in an arena for action.

When describing who I am as an artist in words, I tend to draw a smaller framework than the one I actually fit into.  I started as a painter and draftsman, however several of my pieces are not paintings or drawings.  I make many sculptures and paintings, but I never group them in such categories.  These works are my expressions.  Limiting them to categories would hinder their meaning and their reach.  What is truly different between a sculpture and a painting?  Do they not exist as layers of a whole, formed together by the artist? 

I use several different mediums including wood, acrylic paint, oil paint, charcoal, graphite and mixed media.  I have used many found objects, as both surfaces and application tools, including: leather bags, shoes, wood scraps, assorted tools, paintings, chocolate and strawberry syrup and wood shavings (among many more materials).

Making artwork is a lot like solving a puzzle.  Every piece goes somewhere to make sense of the overall image.  Plug each piece in to see if it will fit until you find the right one.  However, I find my puzzle pieces when my life’s journey leads to them.  I hope to never be cast aside and forgotten.  This philosophy carries on into my work rescuing found objects and incorporating them into artworks surrounding my life’s journey.  These items are abandoned and seen as trash, but they are items of rugged beauty.  They rise to relay my various experiences to the public, whether it be leaving home, growing up, or including the viewer in my inner-dialogue of worry and resentment.  These objects fit specific areas; I just have to find out which ones go where. These rescues are created using the various found objects, wood, mixed media, oil and acrylic paint.  The found object is not limited to the presentation, but also has a hand in the process.  The mediums are applied with hands, feet, sticks, and anything else I can find to make the intended mark.  These pieces exist in “the gap between art and life,” and they do not merely exist on the wall, but instead they include the places they have been in conjunction with the places I have been.  There are no “scraps” in this world, only abandoned potential.  Anything can be art if only called such. 

The notion of what is ideal and what is right for a piece is determined through the hands of the human artist and if he/she is to err then that is proved true in the nature of being.

Past Resident

Patrick Shaffer

Patrick Shaffer was Missouri born and New Mexico raised. He grew interested in drawing from a very early age-an interest that continued into university, where he received a Bachelors of Fine Art degree. He has taught at the Museum of Art in Las Cruces New Mexico since 2012.Patrick is currently pursuing an MFA at NMSU in painting. Patrick Has had his work published and exhibited all throughout the southwest and has his work in many private and public collections. Patrick’s Primary focus is in Acrylic painting, installation, and ceramics.His aim is to create expressive fields that reflect contemporary debased excess.

Past Resident

Lauren Brophy

I was born and raised in Montana where my passion for art and the natural world began.  In 2013 I graduated from Rocky Mountain College in Billings Montana, earning my BFA in Art education k-12.

The subtleties I find in nature are pivotal to my process. Patterns, tones, movement and space is where my art is born.  The great peaks of the Rockies are universally thought of as marvelous but the inside of a juniper berry is a universe of its own.  These small wonders are limitless, I see them in the design of a pine cone, the structure of ice, and the delicacy of a fern.

I construct temporary sculptures using organic materials that will remain in their natural habitat. Working in collaboration with nature I leave my pieces in the hands of the Earth to evolve and change. When my role in the piece is through I trust the wind, the rain and the sun to complete the creation.  My art is a celebration of the miracles in nature and my ability to create in places untouched by modern life. Nature is a beautiful selfless gift that we must cherish.

Past Resident

Betsey Gravatt

Betsey Gravatt is a painter, sculptor, and printmaker based in North Texas. She received her BFA in Studio Art, with a concentration in Drawing and Painting, from the University of North Texas. In the fall of this year, she will begin undertaking her MFA at Texas Woman’s University. Gravatt has participated in group shows such as the Annual Voertman’s Competition, where her piece received the 55th Annual Voertman’s Award, and Art in the Metroplex at the Fort Worth Community Art Center, where her painting was awarded the Cindi and Mike Holt Award. Recently, Betsey has been giving lectures at Texas high schools on how emerging artists can promote and sustain themselves in the art world. Her upcoming projects include working with Weird Destiny on the third volume of their coloring book, Let’s Create Something Magical, and a residency in Asheville, North Carolina. 

Past Resident

Juliet Martin

Juliet Martin is a New York City-based fiber artist who sculpts her handwoven fabric into autobiographical works. She has a BA in visual art from Brown University, an MFA in computer art from the School of Visual Arts, and is a member the Saori Leadership Committee.

Past Resident

Oluwatobi Adewumi

Born in Ibadan, the Capital city of Oyo State, Tobi Adewumi is one of the most sought-after visual artist in Nigeria. Locally known for creating original, exclusive and profitable artworks and craft, Tobi emerged in the wake of the influence of art masters around the world.

A Computer Science graduate, Tobi's foray into the arts started at childhood with comics and paper crafts which later developed into drawings and paintings. As an acclaimed self-taught artist, he now works in virtually all traditional art media and contemporary mixed media and he's the creative director of otobi artworld since 2012. His artworks have been exhibited in several locations around the world and they are currently on display in several homes, offices and galleries around the world.


Past selected exhibitions/competitions:

NCf/cocacola art competition lagos 1999
Nachifest art festival,abj 2000.
Aarc art competition/exhibition,lagos 2001
Henboug art competition/exhibition lagos 2000
African art foundation,lagos.2009/2010
Unesco digital art 2004.
Aarc art competition/exhibition 2004
Spanish art competition/exhibition.abuja 2010
Obasanjo art competition/exhibition 2011
Interview on moments with Mo.2011
alliance francaise photography competition,paris france. 2011/2014.
Photography exhibition,ibadan/lagos.2012
Photography exhibition in Ethopia,2012
Commission photography for british american tobacco nigeria"ibadan"2013
Interview on ibadan/mid morning show.2012
Solo exhibition,possibility.dec 2013
World art day.oyo state 2013
Art fair dubai 2013.
Photography competition in paris 2014
Art training for kids,ibadan 2014.
AAF annual competition 2014.
Spanish art competition,abuja 2014.
Crossing borders,chicago.2014.grp exh
Art exhchange programme conjunction creative connections CT, U.S.A 2014/2015
Spanish embassy art competition and exhibition Abuja 2015
Limcaf art competition/exhibition 2015
Numerous art competitions/workshops and commissions

Past Resident

Stephen Sheehan

Sheehan was born in Birkenhead, England, 1986. He obtained his BA Fine Art Degree from Wirral Metropolitan College in 2014, before attending Liverpool John Moores University to obtain an MA in Fine Art in 2016. 

In 2016, Sheehan was selected as one of ten artists for the Liverpool Biennial associate artist programme; a two year programme which aims to support and develop the selected artists careers on an internationally scale.

Sheehan is interested in the beautiful, fragile, and transient nature of life. He explores those interests through performative actions and film. Sheehan’s work is usually produced in open spaces that are accessible to the passing public. This gives his work a sense of fragility and vulnerability due to the chance of it being disturbed by the human element of curiosity.

Sheehan has shown work around the UK and Internationally.

Past Resident

Megan Ulrich

Megan Ulrich is an artist and designer living in Philadelphia, PA. She graduated from RISD in 2014 with a BFA in Glass. Her current artistic pursuits include counting every window, watching materials transition from liquid to solid and lusting after the world's pink ladders. 

Past Resident

Maurice Maultz

Maurice Maultz is an artist & essayist currently moving into Chinatown, NYC. Much of his work deals with affects, with the strange ways that alien feelings, desires & compulsions can somehow propel out of environments and objects right through the senses into one's person (where they are often mistaken for one's own), and then on to one's actions. Maurice is particularly interested in how the behaviors and characteristics of what we now call affects were once known and dealt with as spirits or demons in premodern times. 

Past Resident

Cassandra Holden

Cassandra Holden is a visual artist in New York City. Her work references historical practices such as weaving, while examining enduring and changing societal attitudes regarding femininity. She is interested in how the tools and processes associated with textiles can be used as viable practices in contemporary art.

Cassandra Holden received her BFA from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2012. Her work has been exhibited nationally, including a solo show at Gallery Sensei in New York and a two-person exhibition at Rainmaker in Portland, Oregon in May 2016. She was an artist in residence at The Banff Centre in Banff, Alberta, Canada.

Past Resident

Weigang Song

Weigang Song is a video and performance artist based in Brooklyn, New York. His video and performance works display his personal readings of global contemporary issues, pointing to the complex relations between art and politics, culture and aesthetics. With a particular interest in narratives and gestures, Song’s work juxtaposes performed gestures with moving images, texts and voice-overs to evoke multiple meanings and critical readings.


Past Resident

Katie Hovencamp

Katie Hovencamp is an artist who fractures cultural constructs such as gender, beauty, and the body politic to expose, examine, and critique their social and historical assumptions. For some time fairy tales and fantasy have inspired her imagination and curiosity about their effects on women’s roles and the construction of their identities.

Hovencamp began her professional studies at the Baum School of Art in Allentown, PA and received her BFA from Arizona State University in 2009 and her MFA from the Pennsylvania State University in 2014. Hovencamp has exhibited her work in numerous exhibitions nationally and internationally. She was the recipient of Outstanding Student Achievement Award for Contemporary Sculpture for the International Sculpture Center in 2014 and the University Graduate Fellowship at the Pennsylvania State University in 2012. She has taught at various institutions such as the Edna Vihel Center for the Arts, Totts Gap Art Institute, Pennsylvania State University, and Harrisburg Area Community College.

Past Resident

M. Shepherd Defenbaugh

M. Shepherd Defenbaugh is a visual artist based out of Austin, Texas. Their work explores idea of reality versus experience, and how we create and communicate meaning. Their current projects involve exercises in information translation and how this affects our understanding and interest in meaning and material, and also experimental painting techniques focusing on experience through perspective. Their work is interdisciplinary and conceptually-bent. Born in New Orleans, they studied Interdisciplinary Studio Art at Iowa State University, and continued graduate studies exploring Contemporary Art and Cultural Theory. Their work has been exhibited nationally, including awards and solo exhibitions at Gallery 181 in Iowa.