Past Resident

Carol Sommerfield

Carol Perron Sommerfield, who hails from New York, took a 34 year break from art as she pursued a successful career as a corporate executive. She returned to painting in 2010. As she picked up her paint brushes again, she realized that her art was not only about capturing a moment in nature and time, but also about her own transition and change. 

Carol Perron Sommerfield is an optimist and ultimately, regardless of topic, that attitude oozes out of her work. After 34 years of pent up desire to create art, she is exuberantly unleashed to make up for lost time.        

Though primarily a representational artist, Carol has been recently exploring abstraction in her watercolors and her Northern Lights and Fire series. During her 8 day residency Carol hopes to explore abstraction in her painting - as well as work on a piece for her ongoing series about plastic and vegetables.