Past Resident

Pin Hui Chen

Pin Hui Chen (b. 1986, Taipei, Taiwan) is an artist currently based in London. She recently graduated with a Master’s degree in Fine Art from the Royal College of Art, where she developed her interest in sculpture, photography and moving images. Her practice intertwines the realms of image and imagination. The romance of photograph, the ability to tell stories from somewhere else, and everyday life as a material with which to investigate the distinguishing line of reality.

As Chen’s main interest is in architectural structure, her thinking is always involved with the place in which one resides: where is it located, what does the neighborhood look like, where is the window, how can one go to the toilet, the possible room, etc. She believes structure, whether a house we live or a tree we stand under, can truly influence people’s behaviour. We interact with things, we perform with things, we get used to them and sometimes we forget them. Identifying self also plays a huge part in her practice. Her current endeavors center around filling the gap between personality (the idea of living) and the work; trying to find a new way of speaking. Living as an art form. Life in a building and everything is included.