Past Resident

Saba Stovall

Saba Stovall lives in Atlanta, Georgia. They work with traditionally domestic art forms, specifically ceramics and fiber arts. They received their BFA in Ceramics from Georgia State University and they are currently pursuing an BA and MA in Art History, with the intent to increase public knowledge of contemporary ceramics and fiber arts.

Past Resident

Patrick Shaffer

Patrick Shaffer was Missouri born and New Mexico raised. He grew interested in drawing from a very early age-an interest that continued into university, where he received a Bachelors of Fine Art degree. He has taught at the Museum of Art in Las Cruces New Mexico since 2012.Patrick is currently pursuing an MFA at NMSU in painting. Patrick Has had his work published and exhibited all throughout the southwest and has his work in many private and public collections. Patrick’s Primary focus is in Acrylic painting, installation, and ceramics.His aim is to create expressive fields that reflect contemporary debased excess.