Past Resident

Lauren Brophy

I was born and raised in Montana where my passion for art and the natural world began.  In 2013 I graduated from Rocky Mountain College in Billings Montana, earning my BFA in Art education k-12.

The subtleties I find in nature are pivotal to my process. Patterns, tones, movement and space is where my art is born.  The great peaks of the Rockies are universally thought of as marvelous but the inside of a juniper berry is a universe of its own.  These small wonders are limitless, I see them in the design of a pine cone, the structure of ice, and the delicacy of a fern.

I construct temporary sculptures using organic materials that will remain in their natural habitat. Working in collaboration with nature I leave my pieces in the hands of the Earth to evolve and change. When my role in the piece is through I trust the wind, the rain and the sun to complete the creation.  My art is a celebration of the miracles in nature and my ability to create in places untouched by modern life. Nature is a beautiful selfless gift that we must cherish.