Past Resident

Michelle Batho

Michelle Batho knows where the band aids are. She is a weaver and writer with a fervent curiosity about translation and systems. Her craft sensibility informs all of her endeavors, from slicing deli meats to reupholstery and screenprinting. She hopes to begin bringing together thinkers from seemingly unrelated fields to strengthen a shared understanding of knowledge and learning.

Batho’s weavings, furniture, writing, and printed cloths have been featured in gallery shows including Why I Write. Why I Create.; Art/Books; Fibers Major Show; Sexual Selections; and Language Situated. Some of her curatorial work produced the Fibers & SIM All School Show and Folds.

Following her time at Arts Letters & Numbers she will be participating in Penland School of Craft’s summer workshop Structure and Form within the work study program. Batho has trained herself to “manage fullness by making fullness,” and through this continues to work towards a liminal life.  


Past Resident

Betsey Gravatt

Betsey Gravatt is a painter, sculptor, and printmaker based in North Texas. She received her BFA in Studio Art, with a concentration in Drawing and Painting, from the University of North Texas. In the fall of this year, she will begin undertaking her MFA at Texas Woman’s University. Gravatt has participated in group shows such as the Annual Voertman’s Competition, where her piece received the 55th Annual Voertman’s Award, and Art in the Metroplex at the Fort Worth Community Art Center, where her painting was awarded the Cindi and Mike Holt Award. Recently, Betsey has been giving lectures at Texas high schools on how emerging artists can promote and sustain themselves in the art world. Her upcoming projects include working with Weird Destiny on the third volume of their coloring book, Let’s Create Something Magical, and a residency in Asheville, North Carolina.