Past Resident

Yvonne Krystman

Yvonne Krystman, a contemporary artist born and raised in Poland, currently residing and creating in beautiful Cape Coral, Florida.

"My art does not come from a happy place; my art is leading there. Each piece I create is simultaneously a bridge from the past, where I’ve come from as well as a preview of the future, where I’m going.
It reflects many of my internal contradictions that I have been experiencing and trying to sort out my whole life. I have struggled for many years to fit in a box, to find the labels, to identify myself with a specific social group, philosophy or even belief system – it never worked out; so what if there is no box we can fit in?
In my recent works I have been exploring combining opposite or contradicting objects, textures and colors therefore often including rough or 3-d objects and glitter. Even though they represent my own battles and my own journey, I believe some of those feelings are universal.
I do not agree with society wanting us to define ourselves. I refuse to be limited by one particular style. I want to remain happily, positively undefined."