Past Resident

Jody Wissner

Jody Wissner (1993, NYC) is a photographer, diarist, writer, painter and dancer. She is a graduate of the Photography program of Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson, NY.

I take photographs of my life, myself, and those around me to challenge conventions, to exorcise my vulnerabilities, to figure out the truest form of me.

I write about my environment as I move through my day and my life - how it changes and influences me and vice versa. I hoard these details. These scraps of writing often come to life, uncensored, by photographing a page of my journal. Other times, translated into a photograph or a short story.

I move and dance freely and intuitively, close my eyes and enjoy the pleasure that my body can bring along with its vulnerability. I seek to externalize these personal, inner experiences.

I do not know who I am nor do I understand my desire to make art. I make art to understand.