Past Resident

Brittany Hayden

Brittany Hayden, born in Houston, TX is currently living and working in Denton, TX.

After years and years of trial and error I have finally found a medium and subject that I am constantly excited to create work with and about. Wanting to always make work that focused on the figure but not knowing how to portray it in an interesting way I have finally decided to make my work more personal and use my sleep paralysis as my reference. 

Being stuck in my nightmares was a constant, terrifying experience for me growing up, whether it were large figures walking around my room or me (imaginative) sitting on top of myself(real) and not being able to move an inch the entire time but constantly screaming with no sound.

I've always thought of my work as an "acquired taste" because they are inspired from my nightmares but, I believe our dreams tell us a lot of the kind of people that we are and chose to be. My work can be quite unsettling and quietly loud. There's a demonic feel to the figures in my work that also has a natural human likeness and make people uncomfortable but fascinated. The viewer tends to reflect their own emotions and nightmares onto my work leading them to believe what they think my pieces mean.

So, like sleep paralysis, I am bridging the world between conscious and subconscious. I want to be able to reflect that terror in my work that I have gone through as a child and continue to go through as an adult.