Past Resident

Emma Bäcklund

Emma Bäcklund (born in Gothenburg, Sweden; lives and works in London UK) is an artist who’s practice is primarily expressed through the form of the still image and lays in the slippage between an absence and presence of the bodily, a play between liquidity and form.
Her work regard consequences of the image culture with aspiration to confront established ideas relating to form and the corporeal. With inspiration impending from movement, the work is often conveyed within the still image. As a viewer, one is left to fill a void which could be perceived as a subtle performance. The use of black and white photography and printed life-size reflect this bodily experience. Furthermore, her ideas explore the performance of the everyday, gesture and the choreographed movement as opposed to the inherent. Ideas are informed by contemporary dance, neuroscience, behaviour and philosophy.

She is currently studying MA Photography at the Royal College of Art in London (2017).


Photograph by Zelé Angelides