Past Resident

Nathalie Audin

Nathalie Audin was born in 1970 in Bordeaux, France.  She studied economics, political science and theatre, and worked as a teacher and a massage therapist in France and Bali (Indonesia).  She currently resides in Nice and for the past few years has been experimenting through photography.  Nathalie’s work is an exploration of the unperceived spaces in mundane objects. 

Her work evades the visual and can perhaps best be described as an imprint of the un-seeable schizoid thresholds appearing in time. Lacan describes this best: “ The whole trick, the hey presto!, of the classic dialectic around perception, derives from the fact that it deals with geometrical vision, that is to say, with vision insofar as it is situated in a space that is notin its essence the visual.”