Creative Archeologist

Past Resident

Christine Finn

Christine Finn is an artist and creative archaeologist, born in Jersey, Channel Islands, in 1959. She works internationally across media and material, making a case for old ways in an age of accelerated innovation. She uses three main investigative practices - art, archaeology and reportage. As an artist, she works with site-specific installation, inspired by change over time, and displaced objects and people, She has exhibited and curated in the UK, Jersey, and Europe, and has a work on the WW2 bunker at Cape May, NJ. 

At ALN she is working with the drawings of the 19th c Danish photographer, Sophus Tromholt, an eleven year project, and developing her earlier work.

She is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London, and a former Reuter Research Fellow at Oxford, with 40 years experience as a reporter and photographer. She has contributed to the BBC,, the Guardian, and the UK Sunday Times, and Since Artifacts: an Archaeologist's Year in Silicon Valley (MIT Press) she has presented widely on retro technology, including at Vintage Computer Festivals. Her other books include Past Poetic: Archaeology in the work of WB Yeats and Seamus Heaney (2004), her Oxford doctorate.