Current Resident

Jessica Nichols

Jessica Nichols is an emerging artist and graduate of Ohio University specializing her fine arts degree in Photography and Integrated Media. Not wanting to be constrained by one area of practice, she explore a number of different areas, including film, ceramics, sculpture, painting, collage, and 3D modeling software. 

Jessica's work right now is heading down an investigative road. She has been looking into social subjects at a national level, a local level, and also an individual level. Her work touches on topics and stems from her environment and research into our changing society also from an internal, individual search for understanding oneself. 

In the coming future, she plans to expand her art to better emcomphus and engage the community and not only ask questions, but answer them in the environment she is in, wherever that may be.

Current Resident

Hannah Lowe Corman

Hannah Lowe Corman is former investment banker who's always had a passion for creating art. She is now a full-time painter living in NYC, working mostly in acrylic.

She has studied art and art history at Maryland Institute College of Art, University of Maryland, the Sorbonne, the Ann Arbor Art Center and the Art Students League of NYC. She also teaches yoga and believes the practice of living in the moment and focusing on the full breath is integral to her work, as she tries to infuse a sense of meditation into her paintings.

Current Resident

Ann Mirjam Vaikla

Ann Mirjam Vaikla (EST) (born 1990) is a theatre and visual artist from Estonia. She is currently based in New York where she does her curatorial internship at Storefront for Art and Architecture gallery, works at Byrd Hoffman Foundation and at The Invisible Dog artist studio. Being interested in coherence of everyday life and artificiality in the context of performance art and architecture she has done art projects at the Folkoperan in Stockholm (2013-2014), Antonin Artaud Center in London (2015), Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology in Oslo (2014), Prague Quadrennial (2015) etc. For last two years she has participated The Watermill Center International Summer Program at Long Island, New York. She graduated her studies in scenography at the Norwegian Theatre Academy / Østfold University College in 2015. Since 2017 she is a member of Estonian Scenography Association.

Lærke and Ann Mirjam are collaborating to create the theatre performance “Uncanny You” that is co-produced by Kanuti Gildi SAAL in Tallinn, Estonia where it will premiere in September 2017. The project is also supported by Teater Momentum in Denmark and TOU Scene in Norway.

Current Resident

Lærke Grøntved

Lærke Grøntved (DK) (born 1988) is a choreographer, composer and performer. She graduated in Acting (BA) from Norwegian Theatre Academy, Fredrikstad, Norway 2015, with exchange in Contemporary Dance (BA) from Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. In 2014, she received the Danceweb Scholarship to the international dance festival Impulstanz, Vienna, Austria. Lærke has choreographed “REactions – A Ballad Of Spectatorship”, and the piece has been showed in Montreal, Copenhagen and Prague. Autumn 2015 she performed with the American musician Bianca Casady (CocoRosie) on her Europe Tour, and performed at several venues in Denmark, Germany, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Italia, England and Austria, (ex. at DR Concert hall, München Kammerspiele and brut, Vienna.)  

Lærke has been in 2015/2016 on residences in Budapest (SIN residency), in Trondheim (dansiT), in Hammerfest (Dansarena Nord), in Fredrikstad (Blå Grotte and Scene K60 Scenekunst Østfold), Gran (Glasslåven Art Center) and in Tallinn (Kanuti Gildi SAAL). She is developing works in collaboration with various artists for the dance, theatre and music scene. She is always looking for the spaces between the familiar and the uncanny, for the unpredictable and for another surprise around the corner. She is looking for opportunities to find out what live art can be and how it can feel like, and on this journey she is crossing the different borders of dance, film, theatre, architecture and music. 

Lærke and Ann Mirjam are collaborating to create the theatre performance “Uncanny You” that is co-produced by Kanuti Gildi SAAL in Tallinn, Estonia where it will premiere in September 2017. The project is also supported by Teater Momentum in Denmark and TOU Scene in Norway.

Current Resident

Thomas Lanfranchi

I was born in Marseille south of France in 1964, from a family of fishermen and sailors.

For some reasons, I can’t really explain ever since I was a child, I have been drawn by the vastness and evanescence of the sky through stories I heard on the radio, saw on TV or read about these « luminous phenomenons » either religious or extra-terrestrial, school of thought that our current modernity has inscribed to the paranormal.

In 1985 after studing sciences, I enroled Marseille School of Art. In 1991 I did a postgraduate course in Joseph Kosuth’s studio in Düsseldorf kunst Akademie/Germany.

I soon felt to get the universe of the matter of forms with a more personal way, motivated by phenomenons beyond representation. In that period, one of my first performance was intitled, « cube of sky ». My aim was to remodel a cloud by concentration of my mind and to act on the masses of gasses that contitues a clound, and to make it into a cube.

In 1992, in order to latch with something more real, I began drawing on the envelopes of post I received. They were mini events of my dayly life. Very soon images of science fiction’s phenomenons, unusual and paranormal fantasms began to invad my drawings.

At the same time, I began making out cubes of paper, cardboards, scotch and plastic. My objectives was to put them outside as meditation’s space. They were ligth and open air. It was from these artefact made up, scotch, plastic and nylon that the flying shapes were born, inhabited with ideas of transparency, ligthness and levitation of a volume in space which were and has been since the start, the base of my researches. 

The only traces of my outdoors performances are photos and films, taken closest to the action.

Since 1993 to today, I did some exhibitions, residences in France.

Between 1996 and 2001, I drove cross country in south west of America and Australia, showing my works in Pasadena Norton Simeon Museum and have been invited at Sydney, Liverpool (U.K) and Gent (Belgium) biennales of art.

In 2008, I did my first solo exhibition in Semiose gallery, Paris.

In 2012, the piece of writing « A wasp in the K.way, close encunters of the 2nd and 3rd type in Gascony », was published with Semiose édition, Paris.

Current Resident

Agnès Aubague

I live in Paris and in the southwest of France.

My project Le Bureau© has been ongoing 24/7 since 2002, after a Master in Social Psychology in Bordeaux and a diploma in Cultural Mediation. Through this platform of investigation, I question the power of words with installations of objects, sounds, videos, and photos. I do live performances & readings of poetry in France and abroad, playing with the spirit of words, shaped by associations and ideas. Le Bureau© presents itself as a work of art - it is a concept, tool, object / subject, and a place of fantasmatic projections, which propose a contemplative attitude. Paradoxically, it only claims one thing, that it works. 

The Polyglots Dictapoems project is composed by texts recorded with a dictaphone (in french, english, spanish and birds language - and other jumps from the cock to the donkey or the frog)... I create some Speakers' Corners, climbing on something like a chair, a box, a plinth, a car, etc… and sometimes I talk in poetic codes with alchimic whistlings of angels, and in the contemporary agora of Spoken Word evenings. 

My Dictapoems are linked to intimate and absurd themes, connected to a je-ne-sais-quoi of the universality of words: a stroll through stories of imaginary families, chimerical bestiary, children's nursery rhymes transposed to the professional world... All this is tied up in the form of lists, repetitions, and alliterations like a series of exclamations tinged with astonishment, anger, sadness, ecstasy, fear, or joy "Oh my God! Oh my GOD!"

Recently, I completed a residency at the Ottawa School of Art with an exhibition in the Lee Matasi Gallery. I put a sentence on the window, a red broom in the corner and held a live reading-performance about my new little book I HAD A NAP WITH. Recent projects include Socles de paroles, a participatory project with the University of Québec in Trois Rivières. I have also done happenings in Frasq performance festival, Générateur, Gentilly, Paris for the 100 years of Dada, Halle St Pierre, Paris and Spoken word Paris or a residence with Art Clinic, Berlin, Germany.

The Bureau has obtained grants from the Ministry of Culture in France (DRAC Ile-de-France, DRAC Aquitaine), the Ministry of Foreign Office (French Consulate in Montréal/AFAA, 2003 and in Quebec, 2017), the Aquitaine Council, the Ottawa School of Art, and the University of Québec.


Current Resident

Dan Thorpe

Dan Thorpe is a queer Performer//Composer based in Adelaide, South Australia.

Influenced by everything from queer punk to American experimentalism, Dan Thorpe’s music “decimat[es] the boundaries of genre” [CutCommon, 2016]. His broad base of musical experience is reflected in a curious, experimental and genre defying compositional and performance output linked together by a love of storytelling and sense of irreverence for existing forms.

As a composer, Dan’s work has been performed as part of highSCORE Festival [IT], Fresh Minds Festival [Tx, US], Æpex Ensemble’s Soundsystem Takeover  [US, Mi], and he has had works premiered by Ensemble Offspring[AU, NSW], Soundstream Collective [AU, SA], the Australian String Quartet [AU], Kelsey Walsh [US, Ca/DE (Berlin)], and Conrad Tao [US, NY]. His work was an inaugural winner of the APRA AMCOS Art Music Fund, the Major Commission prize of Soundstream's Emerging Composers' Forum, and a finalist in the Fresh Minds Festival [Tx] and South Australian Music Awards. As a performer, he has performed around Australia and Internationally at iconic experimental venues (from Sydney’s Red Rattler and Melbourne's Testing Grounds to San Francisco’s Center for New Music and New York's Spectrum), has self released an LP and EP, an EP on thiswaterfallisyours and a tape on 3BS records. He was named emerging artist of the year in 2016 by the Adelaide Critics' Circle. He holds a Bachelor of Music with First Class Honours (Sonic Arts/Composition) and a Master of Philosophy from the University of Adelaide.

Complementary to his practice, Dan teaches at the University of Adelaide, Audio Describes for Access2Arts, and volunteers for Peak Australian Youth Mental Health Body headspace. He is committed to and invigorated by the intersections of practice, community, and radical queer politics.

Past Resident

Adela Wagner

Adela Wagner is a New York - based visual activist, photographer and educator.
Working towards making an impact through art, she devotes time to education as a teacher assistant at the International Center of Photography or developing conceptual art projects with emphasis on contemporary social issues such as violence against women, refugee crisis or gender-related stereotypes.

Her artistic journey started with performing classical music all around Europe. At age 17 when a diagnosis unexpectedly stopped her career as a singer, she followed the footsteps of her father and redirected her creativity towards visual arts.

In 2007 she was awarded first place in "Alter Ego," a European art competition on cultural diversity, followed by a residency and a traveling exhibition. At the age of 22, she taught photography at The University of Economics in Prague.
During her studies she founded and led a student-based non-profit organization, "Indivisuals," a multi-disciplinary platform connecting artists and helping them develop and execute large-scale projects oriented on education and charity work.

Adela's work was chosen for exhibitions among others in A.I.R. Gallery, NY; The Greenpoint Gallery and for "Pixels of Identities" in Argentina. In February 2016, Adela was commissioned a solo-exhibition in the Czech Center Gallery, NY titled "Walk A Mile In My Shoes" opening a dialogue about gender roles, exploring their forms, stereotypes, limitations and the social pressure to fit into them.

Additionally, her interactive and socially engaged conceptual project "All People Are"; focusing on breaking stereotypes and generalization by using Google Search suggestion algorithm; was included in the "Up for Debate" art show in BRIC and is currently traveling through Europe (Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic and Denmark) individually and as a part of The Global Village exhibition.

Adela Wagner currently acts as a human rights advocate, visual activist and a mentee in NYFA Immigrant Artist mentorship program: Social Practice. Through her work; transforming contemporary social issues into visual concepts with an emphasis on interactive elements and social engagement; she hopes to incite debate, questions and raise awareness to contribute to change.

Past Resident

Mary Prescott

Mary Prescott is an adventurous pianist and composer who juxtaposes traditional and nontraditional elements to examine universal questions through experimentation and musical storytelling.

She performs classical and improvised music at venues internationally, including Carnegie Hall, Bargemusic, Steinway Hall, Abrons Art Center, and MacPhail Center for Music, as well as eclectic, independent, and experimental stages. She has performed in the NYC Electroacoustic Music Festival, the Josip Kasman Festival in Croatia, Opensound Series in Boston, and others; collaborating with artists from the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, the London Symphony Orchestra, and the Minnesota Orchestra. Her Carnegie Hall masterclass performance with Richard Goode appears in the documentary  film, Prelude to Debussy. Prescott’s current season includes performances of her original improvised piano solo, ALICE.

A 2016 Composer-in-Residence at the Hudson Opera House (NY), Prescott’s solo works and interdisciplinary collaborations include her blog-based recording project, Where We Go When (2011/12); Hook & Eye (2013/14), with visual artist Angela Costanzo Paris; and Nocecrepa (2015), a film score for Austrian visual artist, Thereska Gregor, and dancers from the SEAD Academy of Salzburg.

Named a 2016 Emerging Leader by the New York Foundation for the Arts, Prescott is a Co-Founder of the Lyra Music Festival & Workshop at Smith College, where she served as Artistic Director and head of the piano and chamber music departments for several years. She has been on faculty at music schools and festivals worldwide, including the Goppisberger Music Festival in Switzerland, the Louisiana Chamber Music Institute, Larchmont Music Academy, and the Great Neck Music Conservatory. She currently maintains a private studio in Manhattan, and is a guest clinician, lecturer and adjudicator at events throughout the United States.

Prescott holds piano performance degrees from The University of Minnesota – Twin Cities (Bachelor of Music), and the Manhattan School of Music (Master of Music).

Current Resident

Allison Maria Rodriguez

Allison Maria Rodriguez is a Boston-based interdisciplinary artist working predominately in new media, film/video and installation. Her work explores the limits of representation and the space in between meaning.  She is consistently searching for methods and approaches that destabilize perceived ways of knowing and understanding the world. With themes ranging from human migration to data visualization, her work converges on a desire to understand the space within which language fails and lived experience remains unarticulated.

Rodriguez’s work has been exhibited internationally, throughout the country and extensively in the New England area, in both traditional and non-traditional art spaces. Her most recent projects include several large-scale public art video installations commissioned by Boston Cyberarts and the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority. While at ALN Rodriguez will be working on a three-channel experiential video installation exploring climate change, species extinction and political agency that she will exhibit at the end of her residency. She will also begin a multi-media project on hybrid narratives and living in between identities.

Rodriguez received her MFA from Tufts University/The School of the Museum of Fine Arts and holds a BA in Language, Literature and Culture from Antioch College in OH, obtained also through study at Oxford University in England and Kyoto Seika University in Japan. She has taught courses in art theory and media production in a variety of contexts, from universities to children’s museums. She is also an independent curator of several local group exhibitions and screenings and she participates in artist collectives such as the Boston LGBTQIA Artists Alliance (BLAA) and the former Axiom Group. Prior to her arrival at ALN, Rodriguez completed an artist residency at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art in North Adams. In September she will be a resident at The Wassaic Project in NY.

Past Resident

Tony Cavalline

Tony Cavalline is a mixed media artist whose highly textured works explore the subjectivity of memory, both personal and collective. He is inspired by the idea that our experience of the world is a creation of our perception of the past.

Cavalline incorporates old and found materials such as maps, handwritten notes, and other ephemera in his artwork to reflect the idea of a world seemingly formed of tactile scraps of consciousness. His artwork uses motifs of mythology and narrative archetypes. The glimpses of an imperfectly recalled and legendary history typified in these stories act as a parallel to the changing and fantastical nature of our own remembered past. Cavalline sees the presence of these shared narratives in our consciousness as a kind of fragmented collective memory of real perceptions of experience.

By drawing upon these ideas, Cavalline's artwork becomes an exploration of the stories we share, the memories we keep, and the sad beauty of what is lost and forgotten.

Cavalline lives in Pittsburgh, PA with his husband and dog. He is the co-founder of Vagabond Galleries, serves on the Board of Directors for the Pittsburgh Society of Artists, and is represented by Boxheart Gallery.


Current Resident

Zelé Angelides

Zelé Angelides was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1988. She received her Bachelor of Technology in Graphic Design at the University of Johannesburg (cum laude). There after she did her postgraduate in Photography at Vega School of Brand Leadership. Her work has received several awards including a Gold Loerie. Throughout her commercial career she has photographed various fashion, sports and brand editorials. 

Zelé’s primary field is photography, both digital and analogue. Her primary interest is to subvert the norms and values around women that are constructed and reinforced by Western main stream pop culture as defined through main stream media such as tabloid magazines, music videos, film and advertisements. Main stream popular culture being defined as “the ideas, attitudes, or activities that are regarded as normal or conventional; the dominant trend in opinion, fashion, or the arts.” (Oxford Dictionary, 2014). She approaches her work with the aim of experimentation, how photographic techniques can be used to create an image that inspires a raw connection with the viewer, invoking an emotional response. The intention of her work is to explore how the printed photographic image can come close to truth by replicating an intimate moment. The moment that would occur between two people now manifests itself between viewer and artefact (The printed photographic image). Her objective is to capture a moment/glance that is essential to being human and essential to the character of the subject. The intention is to feature the subject as looking past the notion of posing a construction of self for the camera, but rather to capture an ethereal moment that confronts and challenges the viewer.

Zelé’s work aims to explore female identity by questioning the female form through various photographic techniques such as pinhole, cyanotypes, medium format, 35mm and digital photography. Her objective is to counter the usual neutrality with which audiences view photographs to elicit an emotional response. Her intention is to confront and challenge stereotypes and gender binaries in the subjects that she would work, both in subtle and overt ways and to investigate perceptions of femininity and the female form. Her works range from traditional portraiture through to explorative nudes. Recently, she has become increasingly interested in the concept of “woman’s expectations of woman”. Her intention is to create work that sutures her personal psychological affliction to those of the viewer. 

Past Resident

Mira Treatman

Mira Treatman is a dance-theatre artist. She creates empirically-driven live performances stemming from a joyous, rigorous research process. As a dancer, Mira has performed in works by Sylvain Emard, Zornitsa Stoyanova, Katherine Kiefer Stark, and Cie. Carabosse with Teatro Linea de Sombra. Her longterm collaborators include filmmaker Irina Varina and composer Susanna Payne-Passmore. Mira's work has been presented at the Sandy Spring Museum (Maryland), Goldilocks Gallery (Philadelphia), Dixon Place (New York), and in basements and living rooms from Philadelphia to Wisconsin. In 2015 she completed a post-baccalaureate at Headlong Performance Institute where she studied with David Brick, Amy Smith, Mark Lord, Eiko Otake and Ishmael Houston-Jones. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in theatre directing from Beloit College. While at Arts Letters & Numbers Mira is engaging in a daily movement practice in support of the creation of a new work around moving an audience across major public bridges in urban centers.


Past Resident

Sarah Gallina

Sarah Gallina is a conceptual artist and a context maker. She works in sculpture, installation and photography. Forming a relationship among the three lays out a landscape for play, performance, and investigation. Once burrowed into a layered world, she believes the digging and filling, the wavering and steadying of good conversation can begin. Writing is a key part of the process. Pulling from notebooks of poetry and playwriting, visual worlds rise up.

After a B.A. in Political Science and English from Colgate University, she's studied with Pratt, The Art Student's League of New York and Atlantic Theatre Company. She has traveled the country with a trunk full of art supplies, books and found objects. She is currently living in Nashville, New York City and the space in between.

She hopes to make work that behaves as a catalyst or a weather vane. At Arts, Letters and Numbers, Sarah Gallina is working with ribbon.


Past Resident

Ray Martinez

Ray Martinez is a photographer who is passionate about capturing the human essence through formal and urban portraiture.

Co-founder of the “Sharing the 81328 Perspective” and Shared Vision Publishing which published “Arts Perspective Magazine,” Ray is also a CPA and retired logger.


Past Resident

Heather Martinez

Heather Martinez walks on the edges of both the visual arts and commercial art worlds. She builds bridges through co-creation and collaboration no matter the project, subject or assignment. Process and design are her focus and how she brings value to the client and viewer.

Heather studied printmaking, ceramics and alternative process photography at Baker University. She has workshopped many of her concepts at Santa Fe Workshops and with master photographers, calligraphers and signpainters. She pulls from her 20-year career as a graphic designer to translate the creation of glyphs to other visual practitioners and draws from her knowledge of change management models to inspire artists to thrive in their careers.

Co-founder of the “Sharing the 81328 Perspective” and Shared Vision Publishing which published “Arts Perspective Magazine,” Heather has also been the exhibition and programs director of two arts centers and the art director of Visioneering—a six-person team of visual practitioners who serve clients through graphic recording, graphic facilitation, appreciative inquiry and human-centered design.

Past Resident

Sophia Subbayya Vastek

Pianist Sophia Subbayya Vastek lives in the intersections – struggling to know her different cultural backgrounds, reveling in the questions, embracing the space between music now and before, and living squarely in the crosshairs of her wildest and most intimate emotional selves.  She is committed to the never-ending exploration of the role of music as a force for good, and how art can shine a light on the common ground between disparate fields and ways of thinking.

Performing has taken Sophia to South Africa, Mexico, The Kennedy Center, the United States State Department, the Canadian Embassy (DC), Polish Cultural Institute (DC), The Apollo Theatre, Tenri Cultural Institute, and DiMenna Center, among many others.  She has also been presented at festivals such as The NoiseGate Festival, Queens New Music Festival, Artscape, and Arts Letters & Numbers.

Sophia’s debut album is due out on May 26, 2017 on innova Recordings with music by Michael Harrison, Donnacha Dennehy, and John Cage.  Featuring vocalist Megan Schubert and tabla player Nitin Mitta, produced by multiple Grammy-winning engineer Adam Abeshouse.

With composer David Ibbett, Sophia is a co-founder of Music of Reality, a multi-disciplinary concert series and event production organization that connects the world of scientific discovery and research with musicians and artists.  They have collaborated with the NoiseGate Festival, United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network, New York University, Boston University, and Brandeis University, as well as researchers across a broad spectrum of scientific and technical fields. They are releasing an EP this spring.  Sophia is also one half of Tilted Arc, an electroacoustic duo with electronic sound artist and multi-instrumentalist Sam Torres.

Sophia received a Bachelor of Music from Indiana University, Bloomington where she studied with Emile Naoumoff, the last pupil of Nadia Boulanger, and a Master of Music from Manhattan School of Music.

Past Resident

Sam Torres

Sam Torres is a New York City/Baltimore based electroacoustic composer, saxophonist, and freelance audio engineer. He is interested in creating electroacoustic music that elegantly combines live interactive electronics with acoustic instruments, as opposed to pitting the instrument against the machine.

Tilted Arc, an electroacoustic duo with pianist Sophia Vastek; Stretto, Sam’s modern jazz quartet; and Little Wing, an 11-piece indie chamber ensemble are among Sam’s ongoing ensemble projects. In addition to these, Sam has written music for live electronics and saxophone, solo piano, and has performed on saxophone and electronics with various ensembles. He has been commissioned to write works for violin and electronics; a 42-piece high-school string ensemble, choral ensembles, and various other soloists and chamber ensembles. A graduate of the Horace Mann School, Sam earned his Bachelor’s degree in jazz performance in May of 2016 from Manhattan School of Music, where he has studied composition with Reiko Fueting and Todd Reynolds, electronic sound arts with Sam Pluta and David Adamcyk, and jazz saxophone with Donny McCaslin, Rich Perry, and Steve Wilson. Sam is currently Master’s student and Graduate Assistant fellow at the Peabody Institute, John Hopkins University, where he studies computer music composition with Geoffrey Wright.

Sam’s music has been performed at the Thalia Theater at Symphony Space, Spectrum, Peabody Institute, Manhattan School of Music, and the University of Cape Town in South Africa. As a saxophonist and woodwind doubler, Sam has performed at Carnegie Hall, Jazz at Lincoln Center, Symphony Space, Spectrum, the RISD Museum, SMOKE, The Shrine, and others with Stretto, ensembles from Manhattan School of Music, New York Youth Symphony, New York Jazz Academy, and others. As an audio engineer, Sam has worked with new music ensembles Talea Ensmeble, Chartruese, Columbia University Composers, composer Michael Harrison, the Uptown Phil, and sTem trio; as a technical assistant with violinist Todd Reynolds at the Jewish Museum, Talea Ensemble at the Dimenna Center, Wet Ink ensemble, and composers David Adamcyk and Zosha Di Castri at the Italian Academy for Advanced Studies at Columbia University.


Past Resident

Zara Meerza

Zara Meerza is a British filmmaker and screenwriter. She has previously worked on projects for the BBC, BFI, Sky Arts, Arts Council UK, and Warp Films across films, festivals, interactive, VR and TV. She holds degrees in Art History from Cambridge University, University College London and the University of Manchester.

In 2016 she was chosen by the British Film Institute, British Academy of Film and Television Arts, All3Media, Creative Skillset and the National Film and Television School for various film and screenwriting talent and development initiatives.

During 2017 she will be a filmmaker in residence at Arts, Letters & Numbers (New York), Anima (Mexico) and The Hollows (Brooklyn.)

She is currently working on a variety of documentary and fiction projects, including interactive web documentary ‘The Cramps,’ ‘Yellow’ — a TV pilot about the birth of Yellow Journalism, ‘Marfa, TX’ — a feature and interactive documentary selected for Sheffield Docfest’s 2015 Devise II Deliver Programme, and an untitled narrative/archive feature project about adolescent life during the Bangladesh War.


Past Resident

Sugar Vendil

Sugar Vendil is a New York-based pianist and multidisciplinary artist lauded for “leading the unlikely intersection of classical music and new fashion” (The New York Times). A first generation Filipino-American, Vendil grew up in El Sobrante, CA, a suburb in the San Francisco Bay Area. She holds a Master of Music degree from New York University and is the founder of The Nouveau Classical Project (NCP), a music ensemble that collaborates with artists such as visual artists, dancers, and fashion designers for its performances.

Vendil is currently commissioning a set of solo works for her first solo album. In addition to rigorous discipline as a musician, her artistic practice is strongly focused on multidisciplinary performance that integrates music, movement, and fashion, and approaches the piano in unconventional ways. For her piece “Test Site 1: In)habit”, the first part in a series of these explorations, she worked with choreographer Coco Karol and composer Trevor Gureckis, who has been her main collaborator for six years. Prior to this, she directed “Potential Energies,” a hybrid work for five musicians and five dancers choreographed by Barbie Diewald, composed by Trevor Gureckis, and performed by NCP and TrioDance at Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) Fisher. Her present investigations revolve around the themes of identity and race, particularly related to discrimination as well as being caught in between two cultures. Vendil was recently awarded a Puffin Foundation grant, which will assist in generating a new piece that will confront these issues. Residencies include Earthdance (E|MERGE Multidisciplinary Residency), the A-Z West Wagon Station Encampment, and Arts Letters & Numbers. Vendil was a 2016 Fellow in the Target Margin Institute for Collaborative Theater Making..

Sugar is an advocate of the oxford comma, is obsessed with her cat Coco, and has an excellent memory. Her name is a combination of her parents' names: SUsan and edGAR.