Past Resident

Tony Cavalline

Tony Cavalline is a mixed media artist whose highly textured works explore the subjectivity of memory, both personal and collective. He is inspired by the idea that our experience of the world is a creation of our perception of the past.

Cavalline incorporates old and found materials such as maps, handwritten notes, and other ephemera in his artwork to reflect the idea of a world seemingly formed of tactile scraps of consciousness. His artwork uses motifs of mythology and narrative archetypes. The glimpses of an imperfectly recalled and legendary history typified in these stories act as a parallel to the changing and fantastical nature of our own remembered past. Cavalline sees the presence of these shared narratives in our consciousness as a kind of fragmented collective memory of real perceptions of experience.

By drawing upon these ideas, Cavalline's artwork becomes an exploration of the stories we share, the memories we keep, and the sad beauty of what is lost and forgotten.

Cavalline lives in Pittsburgh, PA with his husband and dog. He is the co-founder of Vagabond Galleries, serves on the Board of Directors for the Pittsburgh Society of Artists, and is represented by Boxheart Gallery.