Past Resident

Adela Wagner

Adela Wagner is a New York - based visual activist, photographer and educator.
Working towards making an impact through art, she devotes time to education as a teacher assistant at the International Center of Photography or developing conceptual art projects with emphasis on contemporary social issues such as violence against women, refugee crisis or gender-related stereotypes.

Her artistic journey started with performing classical music all around Europe. At age 17 when a diagnosis unexpectedly stopped her career as a singer, she followed the footsteps of her father and redirected her creativity towards visual arts.

In 2007 she was awarded first place in "Alter Ego," a European art competition on cultural diversity, followed by a residency and a traveling exhibition. At the age of 22, she taught photography at The University of Economics in Prague.
During her studies she founded and led a student-based non-profit organization, "Indivisuals," a multi-disciplinary platform connecting artists and helping them develop and execute large-scale projects oriented on education and charity work.

Adela's work was chosen for exhibitions among others in A.I.R. Gallery, NY; The Greenpoint Gallery and for "Pixels of Identities" in Argentina. In February 2016, Adela was commissioned a solo-exhibition in the Czech Center Gallery, NY titled "Walk A Mile In My Shoes" opening a dialogue about gender roles, exploring their forms, stereotypes, limitations and the social pressure to fit into them.

Additionally, her interactive and socially engaged conceptual project "All People Are"; focusing on breaking stereotypes and generalization by using Google Search suggestion algorithm; was included in the "Up for Debate" art show in BRIC and is currently traveling through Europe (Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic and Denmark) individually and as a part of The Global Village exhibition.

Adela Wagner currently acts as a human rights advocate, visual activist and a mentee in NYFA Immigrant Artist mentorship program: Social Practice. Through her work; transforming contemporary social issues into visual concepts with an emphasis on interactive elements and social engagement; she hopes to incite debate, questions and raise awareness to contribute to change.