Past Resident

Hannah Smith

Multi-media and oft (accidentally) an installation artist with a working practise on mental health, specifically with an autobiographical focus on Anorexia, Depression and Borderline Personality Disorder. Her work aims to create spaces in which people are more likely to talk freely and openly about mental health, their own and the way society views and copes with mental health issues generally. With a greater hope that with more open discussion and more education globally about conditions real positive and progressive change can be made in the way mental health is viewed and treated. A Recent Fine Art graduate from Liverpool School of Art and Design currently undertaking a second residency at Arts, Letters & Numbers.  

Whilst here she is working on two series of works. The first a continuation and further exploration of the abstract colour series 'Distrabtion', which aims to create discourse on the condition Body Dysmorphic Disorder both from a personal perspective but also in the wider sense to encourage others to think about the societal pressures on image.  

The second is a new project  '/rōˈman(t)əˌsīz/', a monochromatic line printing series exploring the way Anorexia is romanticised in mainstream media and visual culture and the subsequent damage this does to both sufferers and the way the disorder is perceived by the general population.