Past Resident

Erica Dunn

An active musician in her hometown of Melbourne, Erica has four different music projects, which are currently touring and releasing material. With one act having just completed a brief tour in the U.S, she is hoping to complete a range of solo material while a resident at Arts, Letters and Numbers.  While her other endeavours fit into rock n roll and electronic categories, Erica’s solo interest lies mainly in traditional arrangements, early rhythm and blues and outsider folk. In this incarnation, music is usually played on a Spanish style nylon string guitar and generally recorded by room microphone only. Upon returning to Melbourne, there are plans to record the results of the ALN residency. Erica also has a background in literacy teaching and working with new arrival seekers of asylum in Australia.


Past Resident

Paul Pirie

Paul is a musician and artist from Melbourne Australia. Having previously been interested mainly in detailed ink illustrations, creating design work for his and other music projects, Paul has recently delved into larger scale abstract compositions. Working in oils and other mediums, Paul’s current body of work reflects an interest in the aesthetic balance of line and shape, tone and colour, and the intersecting relationships between these elements. 

While completing a residency at Arts Letters and Numbers, Paul has endeavoured to create a new series of large scale pencil and pastel drawings, as reference material for later oil painting projects. 

Working with a self induced limited palette, and a consciousness of deadline, Paul’s loose but laboured drawings from ALN reflect a willingness to challenge mark-making structures from previous projects, and develop a new, personal visual language.