Past Resident

Emily Fitzell

Emily Fitzell is a PhD student at Trinity College, Cambridge. Her writing explores the relation of perception to movement and memory in modern literature, art and architecture. Some of her poetry has been published and featured in small exhibitions and she has twice been awarded the Powell Prize for Serious Verse. In 2015 she undertook her first residency at ALN to work on academic and poetic projects. Her second residency will be a collaborative installation project with James Rogers. 

Past Resident

Robin Mullery

Robin is from the San Francisco Bay Area and received her MFA in Poetry from St. Mary’s College. She is working on a hybrid form that intersects visual art and language to engage the viewer on a more intimate level. She is driven by finding beauty in unpromising corners of the visual world: the small, broken, mundane; and in finding a completeness in fragmentary and disembodied language. In combining language and visual images she hopes that a spark may jump across and light each side.