Visual Art

Past Resident

Nina Ruelle

Nina Ruelle is a textile artist based in Providence, Rhode Island. In 2013 she graduated from Brown University magna cum laude with a BA in Visual Art and significant coursework in biology. In her work, she blends meticulous craftsmanship with material decadence, creating surfaces and sculptures that both invite and critique through their adornment. She is currently an artist-in-residence at the Dirt Palace, where she has lived since 2014. Previously, she has completed residencies at the Studios at MASS MoCA/Assets for Artists Residency and the Mildred's Lane Art Complex(ity), and has won scholarships to attend the Penland School of Crafts. Her works have been exhibited in various Rhode Island venues, including Anchor Gallery, the Perry and Marty Granoff Center for the Creative Arts, RISD's Expose Gallery, the David Winton Bell Gallery, the List Art Center, and the Dirt Palace Storefront Window. She has two upcoming shows in 2016, including a group show at the Green Space Gallery at the T.F. Green Airport and a solo show at the AS220 Project Space.

Past Resident

Asma Mahmood

Asma is a practicing visual artist and arts professional with extensive experience in visual media, art curation, community art practice, community outreach, public relations, grant writing and creative programming. Asma hails from Pakistan and commands English, Urdu, Hindi, Spanish and Punjabi languages. Asma aims to transform and help evolve vibrant spaces for arts and culture through the introduction of creative programming. With a strong drive and a passion for sustainable initiatives, Asma wants to inspire others to build a strong community with a legacy for future generations. Asma is a believer and advocate for a stronger Canadian presence in the global arts landscape with recognition and diversity of influences making Canadian art.


Past Resident

Marisa Piló

Marisa Piló (b. 1984) currently lives and works in Nazaré, Portugal. Between 2007 and 2014, she attended the Bachelor's Degree and Master in Fine Arts at the Escola Superior de Artes e Desing, Caldas da Rainha. Since 2007 she has been participating in several collective National Exhibitions.

Her creative process covers various means of artistic expression, despite revealing a close relationship sculpture, objects, studies how decontextualized objects and give them a new languages and new expressions.

Past Resident

Laurits Gulløv

Laurits Gulløv (b. 1994 Copenhagen, Denmark) is a young Danish artist currently studying at the Royal Danish Art Academy in Copenhagen. He primarily works with graphics such as wood- and linocuts as well as etchings, textile prints and monotypes but has also been working with text, sculpture, painting and some animation. At the moment he´s working on a series of graphical prints all related to the topic of ornamentation. The series should be included in an upcoming exhibition in October simply called About Ornament, which is held in a train station. Beside the graphical work he’s currently working on an art film and will probably be filming in the countryside while staying at the residency.





Past Resident

Jen Bracy

Jen received her MFA in Visual Communication Design from VCU [Virginia Commonwealth University] in 1997 and has since taught Graphic Design at several institutions in Virginia, California, and Oregon.

Her teaching expertise is in graphic design history and processes, typography, and logo / identity design. She has conducted research in and published on such topics as signs and symbols, design history, book arts, and travel (as a metaphor for design and as design inspiration).

Much of Jen’s personal mixed media work explores juxtaposition, whether that be driven by type or image or the intersection of both. From embedded meanings in symbols to the contradictions inherent in language, letters, words and culture play an important role. Her paintings, collages, and artist books often celebrate her travels and the objects that help create a sense of place, but also may shape one's identity.


Past Resident

Yingting Cui

Yingting Cui(b.1994 Beijing,China) is an emerging artist who recently received a BFA degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. There, she developed an understanding of the limitations of each medium, like photography, video, sculpture, technologies, and the harmony of merging these visual vocabularies to speak to her focus on political, cultural, social and technological matters.


Past Resident

Daehyun Kim

I was born in 1980 in Seoul. I majored in Korean art at the College of Fine Arts, which is about learning traditional painting techniques and art history in East-Asia. I was always interested in how to harmonize East Asian art and modern life I live in. As an answer, my conclusion was to focus on me who is living in this age. So I decided to draw my feelings, my thoughts, and the things that I was worried about. I wanted to talk about ‘emotions’ that anyone could feel. It is a beginning of the series of ‘moonassi drawing' that started in 2008.  ‘Moonaa' is my artist name. I wanted to be ‘無 Moo(which means nothing or empty) - 나 Na(which means ego or the conscious "I")’ as an empty ego that can contain anything anyone’s mind.  The characters in my drawing is an actor who plays me and your story with a gentle gesture. I depict my inner conflicts, toughts, and various emotions I can feel in relationship. Moonassi drawing series is my lifetime project.

Past Resident

Jiangliu Dong

 Jiangliu Dong (董江柳) is an artist, jeweler and a contemporary jewelry designer. She gained her Bachelor of Art in Jewelry Design at Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology (Beijing, China), and achieved her MFA at Rhode Island School of Design (Providence, US).Jiangliu's work explores the comprehensive conversation between body, self, and identity. Her earlier works were focus on metal and jewelry, her recent creation invests various approaches to her subject-- sculpture, video, drawing and writing. 

Jiangliu is currently working and living in US.


Past Resident

Kirsty Badenoch

Kirsty is an artist and architect drawing between the realms of narrative architecture, territorial process and the shifting landscape. She currently works at the intersection of architecture and landscape at BIG's newly established Landscape department in Copenhagen, alongside pursuing her own work within the field of experimental drawing and artistic research. She has won numerous awards for her hand drawings and exhibited internationally, alongside teaching architectural drawing workshops at Aarhus and Oslo Architecture schools.

Having graduated as an Architect from the Aarhus Architecture School, Denmark in 2013, her thesis project explored an architecture of wonder and the miraculous through the embrace and augmentation of nature - an Architecture of [Super]Nature. 

This has since inspired her artistic and territorial research works, under the encompassing title "The Disappearing Islands". The ongoing body of work centres around disappearing lands and cultures in the face of extreme territorial change. Over the past four years she has undertaken numerous research expeditions documenting a series of remote islands undergoing extreme hydro-transformation processes. These collected stories develop an ongoing series of drawing works and investigative mappings exploring themes of memory and process, place and placelessness. Narrative engagement through drawing is central to Kirsty's work, and she is fascinated by representation as a form of physical conversation.


Past Resident

Hannah Smith

Multi-media and oft (accidentally) an installation artist with a working practise on mental health, specifically with an autobiographical focus on Anorexia, Depression and Borderline Personality Disorder. Her work aims to create spaces in which people are more likely to talk freely and openly about mental health, their own and the way society views and copes with mental health issues generally. With a greater hope that with more open discussion and more education globally about conditions real positive and progressive change can be made in the way mental health is viewed and treated. A Recent Fine Art graduate from Liverpool School of Art and Design currently undertaking a second residency at Arts, Letters & Numbers.  

Whilst here she is working on two series of works. The first a continuation and further exploration of the abstract colour series 'Distrabtion', which aims to create discourse on the condition Body Dysmorphic Disorder both from a personal perspective but also in the wider sense to encourage others to think about the societal pressures on image.  

The second is a new project  '/rōˈman(t)əˌsīz/', a monochromatic line printing series exploring the way Anorexia is romanticised in mainstream media and visual culture and the subsequent damage this does to both sufferers and the way the disorder is perceived by the general population. 


Past Resident

Paul Pirie

Paul is a musician and artist from Melbourne Australia. Having previously been interested mainly in detailed ink illustrations, creating design work for his and other music projects, Paul has recently delved into larger scale abstract compositions. Working in oils and other mediums, Paul’s current body of work reflects an interest in the aesthetic balance of line and shape, tone and colour, and the intersecting relationships between these elements. 

While completing a residency at Arts Letters and Numbers, Paul has endeavoured to create a new series of large scale pencil and pastel drawings, as reference material for later oil painting projects. 

Working with a self induced limited palette, and a consciousness of deadline, Paul’s loose but laboured drawings from ALN reflect a willingness to challenge mark-making structures from previous projects, and develop a new, personal visual language. 


Past Resident

Robin Mullery

Robin is from the San Francisco Bay Area and received her MFA in Poetry from St. Mary’s College. She is working on a hybrid form that intersects visual art and language to engage the viewer on a more intimate level. She is driven by finding beauty in unpromising corners of the visual world: the small, broken, mundane; and in finding a completeness in fragmentary and disembodied language. In combining language and visual images she hopes that a spark may jump across and light each side.


Past Resident

William Fillmore

William Fillmore was raised in Fullerton, California. After earning his Bachelors in Business Administration, he pursued his desire for making art, and earned his MFA in Sculpture in 2013, from Indian University, Bloomington, Indiana. Since graduating William has participated in numerous Artist in Residence programs, including The Banff Centre, Banff, Alberta, Canada, Core Clay Studios, Cincinnati, Ohio, Franconia Sculpture Park, Schafer, Minnesota, Campos De Gutierrez, Medellin, Colombia, and Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, Vermont. William has had the great fortune to profess his passion for the studio arts for the last seven years as a professor of visual art at colleges and universities, from Indiana, California, North Carolina, and now New York. William’s creative style and tastes are as eclectic as varied as his career. He takes great pleasure in questioning what is possible with material and ideas, and above all else he loves fucking with people’s expectations…