Past Residents

Alice Shockey

Alice Shockey is a Visual Artist and Reiki Practitioner. She graduated from Oberlin College with a BA in Studio Art and received her Reiki level 1 and 2 Attunements at Maha Rose Center for Healing, where she also leads Art Themed Community Reiki. During a Healer Mentorship with Lisa Levine, Alice began to combine her visual art and Reiki practice, exploring a creative process of image making that emerged more from the body directly than from the mind.

Alice has suffered from Lyme disease since early childhood, and it wasn’t until she began practicing Reiki and integrating it into her creative process, that she found empowerment and confidence in her ability to heal.

Alongside her partner and Creative Art Therapist Robyn Olds, Alice is currently holding workshops in Brooklyn that combine Reiki and embodied meditation with a body tracing exercise that visually maps the individual experience.

Alice has begun to find fluidity and cohesion in working dynamically with her visual art and Reiki practice, and by working creatively with children. She has been working closely with Brooklyn Nature Days, a nature immersive program in Prospect Park, Brooklyn where she holds Earth Art workshops daily and finds creative inspiration from her students, as they lead the way with their originality and wonder.

Alice hopes to continue to hold workshops in Brooklyn and additionally during her residency at Arts Letters and Numbers and within the incredible Averill Park community.