Past Residents

Past Residents

Alex the Grave

Alex the Grave is an American painter and poet living and working in Troy, New York. They’ve received a BA in English and a MA in Fine Arts, both at University at Albany, SUNY. 

Their work mainly explores themes of mental illness, invisible disability, personal relationships, trauma, dark and dry humor, and the idea of a melodramatic truth. It is a therapeutic self exposure. Heavily inspired by comic books, zines and items such as handmade signs or diaries, Alex seeks to combine these aesthetics and simultaneously enlarge and expose specific moments and feelings in a physical form.

Past Residents

Yu Ting Ong

I explore the correlations and contrasts between the materiality of paint and digital constructions through painting, drawing, coding and video. My practice examines the spaces in-between; of solidity and ephemerality, the transition from light to colour, colour to light. I like to capture the moment where the collapse of distinction between what is visible or invisible, still or moving becomes a space for creative intervention. It is a study of contrast and the finding of a still point that exists in the intermediary state between flow and resistance. Central to my practice is the search for harmony and equilibrium. My work is deeply informed by Taoist philosophy on the flow, nature and water. This search for harmony through the adding and removing of marks, through balancing the right amount of colour, and mediating between configuration and spatiality, becomes a process of internal resolution as much as a pictorial one.

Yu Ting graduated with BA Fine Art from Slade School of Art (UCL) in 2013 and MA Painting from Royal College of Art in 2015. Recent exhibitions include ‘Radical Residency Exhibition 2018’, Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop, London, UK, ‘The Internet Yami-Ichi', Offprint London, Tate Modern, London, 'You Never Look at me from the place which I see you', Blyth Gallery, Imperial College London, London, UK as well as residencies at Cove Park, Scotland, UK, Grey Projects, Singapore and Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, France.

Past Residents

Adam Kennaugh

In between pitch and noise, Adam Kennaugh’s music investigates the physical energies in producing a sound, which exists in a dense, unstable soundworld, reflective of the unpredictability of everyday life. Through this, he seeks to combine the visual and aural aspects of a musical performance to create an immersive experience for the listener that is both contemplative and delicate, yet sharp and aggressive.

He received a M.M. from Bowling Green state University (studying with Elainie Lillios, Christopher Dietz, Marilyn Shrude, Mikel Kuehn), received a B.M. from Montclair State University (Marcos Balter, Elizabeth Brown, Ting Ho), and an A.A. from the County College of Morris (Jose Bevia).

When he is not doing anything musically related, Adam enjoys a really good sandwich, movies that make him think/cry/laugh, and expanding his spice rack to overshadow his cooking abilities.

Past Residents

Katherine Anne Rose

Katherine Anne Rose is a visual artist from the UK, currently living in Glasgow, Scotland. Her practice employs mathematics and geometry to investigate visual forms in paper. With repeated simple cutting and folding techniques, she creates large scale wall installations in paper.

Her current work is inspired by the patterns we see in our surroundings, from the molecular to the universal scale. Following strict rules, she creates complex weaving and interlocking shapes. These structures are carved from a single plane revealing a third dimension, which plays with light, transforming its appearance throughout the course of the day in natural light. The use of repeated geometric forms in religious decorative art; islamic tiles, indian mandalas, is of interest, the relationship between science and belief or awe and wonder reflected in a material surface.

Katherine works as an editorial photographer in the UK. 

Past Residents

Joel Cox

Joel Cox is a musician, filmmaker and radio producer from London, now living in Glasgow.

He has composed for and performed in the musical projects Wall Sun Sun, Lime Headed Dog and Good Shoes.

He is also the co-creator of the experimental podcast London Compass Radio which recently was selected for Best Radio Documentary at the Prix Europa in 2017.

For his day job he works as a radio producer for the BBC.