Past Resident

Julie Timm Vejleaa

Julie attended architecture school at The Royal Danish Academy og Fine Arts during 2014-2017 and received her diploma in 2017. She attented the cultural institute at The Royal Danish Academy and has been on several study trips around the world to explore and study vernicular architecture and the cultural impact on the way we build and inhabit. With the institute she has also participated in a exhibition in Shanghai in collaboration with the architecture school in Hong Kong. Julie did her last semester of her bachelor at The Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna in 2017. In Vienna she studied various fields beside architecture such as print-making, abstract painting, urban installations and curatorial studies. Before architecture school, Julie attended Krabbesholm residential school in 2014 where she studied art, architecture and design. In 2016, she did an independent project with students she met at this school challenging spatial structures, objects and phenomenons. The project became an exhibition named 12 squaremeters. As Julie is interested in learning different crafts, she also spend one year after she received her bachelor degree in a bakery and was trained to become a baker and to learn the crafts and skills that is needed when working with sourdough. Before continuing her studies with a master degree, Julie has an atelier in which she is rounding out her education with independent projects focusing on small-scale and more free-form artistic experiments.