Past Resident

Eunbi Kim

Pianist Eunbi Kim (pronounced OOn-bee, like book) is creating new ways of experiencing concert music as a performer, speaker, and arts advocate. Her adventurous performances are characterized by their vividly personal themes ranging from mental illness to familial memories. For her efforts, Kim has received international recognition on television and in print, including from the BBC, I Care If You Listen, the Houston Chronicle, The Japan Times, and NHK Television. Kim is most known as the creator, performer, and producer of the music-theater work Murakami Music, for which she is recognized as a leading Murakami expert. Her debut album, A House of Many Rooms released on Albany Records, features a collection of premiere recordings of relatively unknown contemporary classical works by luminary jazz composer Fred Hersch. Kim has shown off her unconventional and immersive performance concepts in venues across the country. Notably, she has performed Emmy-nominated composer Daniel Bernard Roumain’s dedicated work “It Feels Like a Mountain, Chasing Me,” over 50 times across the United States, including its premiere at The Kennedy Center. Off-stage, Kim’s entrepreneurial efforts include launching a music mentorship program for women, transgender, and nonbinary musicians, bespoken, alongside co-founder Gina Izzo in addition to speaking engagements at organizations, universities, and institutions across the country. Her 2017 TEDx talk, “Performing Through Fear,” discusses conquering performance anxiety through learning to trust. Originally from Maryland, Eunbi Kim is based in New York City. She holds a Master of Music degree from the Manhattan School of Music.