Past Resident

Kyle Giacomo

Kyle Giacomo is an artist based in Oakland, California working in both paint and photography. He grew up in desert landscapes with wide blue skies and this is represented everywhere in his paintings. The sky-colored blue, pink and orange hues of the desert infuse his work with an expressive freedom. Kyle's indeterminist paintings are strolls in cartoony, sometimes visually intense, landscapes. The colors vibrate and shapes are delimited by clear or hesitant lines that seem to represent something familiar. We sometimes think we see a cloud, a fragment of skull, a bomb or a donkey. The forms are like nesting boxes, lyrical stories within stories, being constructed yet not fully formed.  

Kyle’s photographic work has featured conceptual projects such as a (re)staging of Duchamp’s “Unhappy Readymade” in an oak tree, The Chair, a series of photos with an inanimate character, and a collaborative project based on Roland Barthes’ A Lover’s Discourse. He is also interested in wilderness, both as subject and artistic practice. Kyle holds an MA in English and has worked in youth education for over 10 years.