Past Resident

Liao Dean

Liao Dean was born in Neijiang, a prefecture level city in China’s Sichuan Province. After immigrating to the US, he spent the majority of his childhood and adolescence in the Mid-Atlantic where he gained his foundation in formal artistic training under former MICA Professor Karl Connolly. Upon graduating with a degree in Economics from the University of Chicago, he traveled to Paris where his attention returned to visual art. Following a period of working in marketing firms in New York and London, he abandoned corporate life to focus on his artistic practice and moved to Los Angeles where he studied under several leading contemporary realists such as Zin Lim, Emilio Villalba, and Casey Baugh.

His current sculptural work explores and examines the contemporary relationship between data and epistemology and seeks to reconcile the overwhelming experience of navigating an increasingly cluttered landscape of pablum and information. His current paintings and mixed media works incorporate elements of traditional Chinese Landscapes and Abstract Expressionism in an effort to examine his personal history and liminal immigrant experience. Outside of the art world, he draws inspiration from numerous fields and disciplines including abstract mathematics, musical performance and composition, contemporary poetry and literature, movement and athletics, and gastronomy.

His work has been featured in numerous journals, publications, and group exhibitions and he is a frequent collaborator with the NOH / WAVE artist collective in Los Angeles, California where he currently works and resides.