Past Resident

Kay Eastwood

Kay’s Book Aesthete is an anthology of The Master Poets: Yeats, Baudelaire and Lorca and her paintings. The art forms a bond between the process of dreaming and thought, freedom and place creating a restless reality in the search for present perfect. Her latest work follows the motto: less is more. Japanese Zen Art is a huge influence: “You are the maker of the perfect world” is being exhibited: August 2019 : Swiss Art Basel Expo ARTBOX Zurich.
During her art residency at Arts Letters & Numbers, she hopes to make progress, as her paintings are more in response to yoga; the stillness in meditation shines on the infinite within each of us. Artists attempt to clear the debris from the eyes of the spirit so that we may see the infinite in the ordinary. Her art may be extra ordinary but mystic Sadhguru says that, that is good as out of Nothingness comes light !