Past Resident

Kay Eastwood

Kay’s Book Aesthete is an anthology of The Master Poets: Yeats, Baudelaire and Lorca and her paintings. The art forms a bond between the process of dreaming and thought, freedom and place creating a restless reality in the search for present perfect. Her latest work follows the motto: less is more. Japanese Zen Art is a huge influence: “You are the maker of the perfect world” is being exhibited: August 2019 : Swiss Art Basel Expo ARTBOX Zurich.
During her art residency at Arts Letters & Numbers, she hopes to make progress, as her paintings are more in response to yoga; the stillness in meditation shines on the infinite within each of us. Artists attempt to clear the debris from the eyes of the spirit so that we may see the infinite in the ordinary. Her art may be extra ordinary but mystic Sadhguru says that, that is good as out of Nothingness comes light !

Past Resident

Kyle Giacomo

Kyle Giacomo is an artist based in Oakland, California working in both paint and photography. He grew up in desert landscapes with wide blue skies and this is represented everywhere in his paintings. The sky-colored blue, pink and orange hues of the desert infuse his work with an expressive freedom. Kyle's indeterminist paintings are strolls in cartoony, sometimes visually intense, landscapes. The colors vibrate and shapes are delimited by clear or hesitant lines that seem to represent something familiar. We sometimes think we see a cloud, a fragment of skull, a bomb or a donkey. The forms are like nesting boxes, lyrical stories within stories, being constructed yet not fully formed.  

Kyle’s photographic work has featured conceptual projects such as a (re)staging of Duchamp’s “Unhappy Readymade” in an oak tree, The Chair, a series of photos with an inanimate character, and a collaborative project based on Roland Barthes’ A Lover’s Discourse. He is also interested in wilderness, both as subject and artistic practice. Kyle holds an MA in English and has worked in youth education for over 10 years. 

Past Resident

Anna Wilson

Anna is a recent graduate of the National Art School in Sydney, Australia. Her art making practice consists of making large scale dirt monochrome paintings to explore the roots of artmaking in conjunction with contemporary artmaking. She is interested in existential thinking, more specifically epistemological nihilism and the human experience of these concepts.

 Anna's work explores the roots of art through monochrome dirt paintings and reflects on early human practices like cave painting.

 She is wanting to further explore this idea through the lens of the human body, with the body as tool of art making and as site. She will explore the relationship between place and body and observe how the shedding of clothes can bring us back to a more primal state in which we lived in harmony and balance with the land.

 Anna has been using raw pigment, primarily Australian ochres on canvas. However, she is planning to explore the raw earth of other places and its relationship to bare skin in order to reflect on how our ancestors would have interacted with raw earth as a pigment before concepts of censorship were developed.