Past Session

Attunement | Alberto Pérez-Gómez

March 5th - 9th, 2018

Despite its often striking presence in the media, architecture remains in crisis, its social relevance often lost between the two poles of formal innovation and technical sustainability; it contributes little to alleviate the pathological environments that are detrimental to our psychosomatic health. Examining topics from Alberto Pérez-Gómez’s latest books and essays, this session will explore the possibilities of a more compassionate, attuned and musical lived environment, grasping the potential of architecture beyond solipsistic formal manipulations to acknowledge real (diverse) cultural values and qualities of place in our global village. Such possibilities are complex for they entail a critique of contemporary practices and popular assumptions, and a self-transformation on the part of the maker, a realization of the ethical imagination of the creator, capable of humility, love and dialogue, of making promises towards the social contract.  A careful consideration of how beauty and justice, ethics and poetics, have converged historically in practice and education is particularly illuminating to this end. Such practices also challenge disciplinary assumptions, particularly the exclusivity of geometric or spatial concerns in architecture and urban design, to gain from an analogy with the performing arts, where participation becomes possible through play, festival and symbolic recognition.

Over the course of three mornings Alberto will be giving lectures at Sand Lake Center for the Arts, based on his latest books and essays exploring the possibilities of a more compassionate, attuned and musical lived environment. These Lectures are open to all and we want to make the series available to as many as possible. A suggested donation of $10 per lecture will go to supporting the local art scene.


Tuesday March 6th @ 10am

Attunement: The Possibility of Meaning in the Contemporary Lived Environment

Wednesday March 7th @ 10am

Built upon Love: Architectural Longing after Ethics and Aesthetics

Thursday March 8th @ 10am

Architecture as a Performing Art