Past Session

Creative Music Intensive | Michael Harrison & Friends

February 3rd - 10th, 2018


In early February pianist and composer Michael Harrison will lead a dedicated group of participants to be immersed in the creative process of making music. The week long session will be an exploration in finding new ways to unleash creative potential, and to discover and develop individual voices as creative artists. The program is open to both amateur and professional musicians in any genre (the ability to read music is not required). Michael will customize the session on an ongoing basis to address the needs and wishes of each and every participant. Time will be divided between individual and group activities as needed. 

Tilted Arc (pianist Sophia Vastek, and electroacoustic composer/saxophonist Sam Torres) will also be available to coach and perform participant’s works for any combination of piano, sax and electronics. Visiting artists include composer/percussionist Payton MacDonald.

Music making activities that we will explore include:

  • Collaborating on the creation and performance of a House concert at ALN
  • Learning and performing Terry Riley’s minimalist masterpiece “In C” 
  • The art and techniques of musical composition 
  • Improvisation (group and solo)
  • Indian classical singing (ragas) 
  • New World Raga
  • Indian rhythmic cycles and patterns 
  • Polyrhythms and minimalist music techniques
  • Just Intonation (theory and practice)
  • Chamber ensemble and solo performance
  • Creating electronic and electroacoustic music
  • Developing a career in music
  • Developing interdisciplinary collaborations 
  • Tuition includes a private lesson for each participant (if requested) 
  • Workshops and presentations with guest composers and performers

Duration of Session

The Session will take place between February 3rd - 10th, 2018


Application Deadline

January 20th, 2018


Participant Fee and Accommodation

Full Participation Fee (incl shared accommodation) is $525 for the full Session

Commuter (no accommodation included) is $425 for the full Session

You will be hosted in the House on the Hill, in shared arrangements in one of our nine bedrooms. The shared bedrooms sleeps 2 to 4 people. We will do our best and try to give everyone the privacy they need. Private accommodation might be available upon request for an additional fee.

The session fee also covers: prepared dinner each day, and self-service breakfast and lunch; local transportation for group excursions, as well as pick-up and drop-off at Albany, NY and Albany/Rensselaer, NY stations. Material, tools, and equipment connected to the group works for the session are covered. Participants are responsible for personal materials used in their creative work.  


Studio / Workspace

Because each artist's studio needs and space differs, we work with each artist to find the best possible working situation for them. Our spaces are flexible and you are invited to create your own. Currently, the Mill is under construction and is unfortunately not available at this time. In addition to the Mill, we also have our Barn, located next to the house, which offers a flexible indoor/outdoor space, along with additional spaces in the House. 


Structure and Expectations Towards the Artist

Artists are expected to pursue their individual creative endeavor within the framework of the Session. During the Session our Events and Artist in Residence Program will run in parallel and interweave with the program.



Arts Letters & Numbers is constructed by us: not just those who are directly involved in its day to day operation, but by everyone who sets foot in this remarkable place, from the fellows and participants, to visiting artists, local community members, and all who come through our doors. It is being constructed by and between us. This aspect of Arts Letters & Numbers is foundational. We are situated within an enthusiastic and supportive community that is highly active in the programming of Arts Letters & Numbers, and who also welcomes everyone to their weekly gatherings.  


Disciplines Support and Technical Information

The basis for Arts Letters and Numbers Residency Program is to encourage cross-disciplinary linkages. Work samples are required for evaluating applications. The application form asks for a website (preferred), however, you may also send samples, writing or images, directly to


Selection Process

Applications will be reviewed shortly after the deadline. If you have any questions regarding your application do not hesitate to ask at