Past Session

Digital Living Hybrids Lab | Nick Meehan

Upcoming Session | January 4th - January 6th, 2019 | Averill Park, NY

What if Christopher Columbus carried a 3D scanner?

We invite you to co-construct a laboratory for scientific and artistic collaboration. In the transition from organic to X,Y,Z environments, the lab will push new forms of computational capture beyond frozen images. Seeking to address point clouds / botanics, computation / reincarnation, robotics / mutations, hibernation / digitization, image / object, the lab will be programmed by whatever questions emerge.

We invite you to become artist, scientist, technologist, archaeologist, biologist and architect on an island a short distance from shore, but only reachable when surrounding water becomes solid ice. Located in the center of Burden Lake, the site of this expedition will become a testing ground for the limits, biases, and desires of our perception. Through experimenting with a range of digital tools, we will also experiment with the boundary between human intuition and computational systems.

We invite you to reimagine the relationship between object and observer and enter a new era of painting. With 4000 square feet of former industrial space at our disposal, lab participants will have three intensive days to project, draw, construct, and digitally simulate at full scale, mirroring the island into the lab. Interactions between findings will build the open ended structure of a scaled and scaleless virtual ecosystem.

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Friday January 4th: Digital Figure Drawing

Saturday January 5th: Scanning on Ice

Sunday January 6th: Constructing the Lab


The Session will be directed by architect Nick Meehan, fellow of Arts Letters & Numbers.

Duration of Session

The Session will take place between January 4th - 6th, 2019.


Application Deadline

December 28th 2018


Participant Fee and Accommodation

Participation Fee (incl shared accommodation) is $175 for the full Session.

Commuter (no accommodation included) is $125 for the full Session.

You will be hosted in one of our bedrooms in the House on the Hill or the Twin House. The shared bedrooms sleeps 2 to 4 people. We will do our best and try to give everyone the privacy they need.

In addition to accommodation the session fee also covers: breakfast, lunch and dinner, pick-up and drop off at Albany, NY and Albany/Rensselaer, NY stations, as well as local transportation for group excursions. Material, tools, and equipment connected to the group works for the session are covered.

Extended Stay

Participants are encouraged to extend their stay for a total one week-long residency to develop work from the Digital Living Hybrids Lab if they choose. They will live and work alongside other artists in residence at Arts Letters & Numbers. Residency participants will have access to studios and shared room accomodations; food will not be included.

Artist in Residence (incl shared accommodation) $125 for 5 additional days.

Studio / Workspace

For the session you will be provided with a shared space in our 4000sq studio, across the street from the house on the hill and next to the twins. Because each artist's studio needs and space differs, we work with each artist to find the best possible working situation for them. The main site for the session is located in Burden Lake, about 2 miles from Arts Letters & Numbers facilities.


Structure and Expectations Towards the Artist

Artists are expected to pursue their individual creative endeavor within the framework of the Session. During the Session our Events and Artist in Residence Program will run in parallel and interweave with the program.



Arts Letters & Numbers is constructed by us: not just those who are directly involved in its day to day operation, but by everyone who sets foot in this remarkable place, from the fellows and participants, to visiting artists, local community members, and all who come through our doors. It is being constructed by and between us. This aspect of Arts Letters & Numbers is foundational. We are situated within an enthusiastic and supportive community that is highly active in the programming of Arts Letters & Numbers, and who also welcomes everyone to their weekly gatherings.  


Disciplines Support and Technical Information

The basis for Arts Letters & Numbers Programs are to encourage cross-disciplinary linkages. Work samples are required for evaluating applications. The application form asks for a website (preferred), however, you may also send samples, writing or images, directly to


Selection Process

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. If you have any questions regarding your application do not hesitate to ask at

The program is sponsored by Visiting Creative Technologists from Hudson Reality Capture, an advanced measurement and BIM/CAD modeling services company, capturing and modeling spaces for the AEC industry in New York.

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