The House on the Hill

1543 Burden Lake Road | Averill Park, NY

On May 9th, 2014 Arts Letters & Numbers acquired the house on the hill above the mill. Built in 1859, this house previously served as the original mill owner’s residence. Now it will become the residence for Arts Letters & Numbers ongoing programs.

Please be aware that our House is on of our works; it is a work in progress - it is perpetually “under construction” as an evolving work, that undergo changes through out the year. This provides you with the change to participate in these structural changes learn about the inside of a house and make this our home. We thank you for you understanding.

The House Kitchen is equipped with essentials for preparing meals, alone or collectively— a 6-burner commercial stove, sink, separate food & drink refrigerators, and a big working table for gathering & cooking together. Lots of extra food storage in our adjacent pantry. 

The House Bedrooms include four big shared rooms, and three smaller more private ones.  All rooms have beautiful woods floors, natural light and ventilation. They have simple comfortable futon beds arrange in single, double, triple and quad sleeping arrangements.  Laundry facilities are available in the House & Mill. 

The House Library is in the works— we are collecting our favorite books as a resource and for our guests enjoyment to spend quiet time in this special space in the house. It also houses a growing collection of natural and made objects; as well as rare found “oddities” curated by our fellows and visiting artists. 

The House Dining/Living Room is our main recreational and functional space in the house, transforming to accommodate meals, impromptu movie nights or lectures, ping pong & naps. 

The House Mud Room is a raw work space stocked with all of the necessary tools for smaller projects in and around the house.