The Mill

1525 Burden Lake Road | Averill Park, NY

The Mill is currently under construction. 

The Mill was once a textile storehouse, part of the historic Faith Mills, in operation between 1829 - 1966. At its peak, the Faith Mills harnessed the power of the Wynantskill River and was one of the premier textile factories in the area. The mill complex was incorporated into the Sand Lake Historical Society in 2005. Since 2011, the Mill serves as the main working space of Arts Letters & Numbers, and has become the site of the renewed transformation and the convergence of multiple disciplines. 

On the first floor of the Mill are the shops. We have a great selection of small and large equipment primarily aimed at wood and metal work, alongside a treasure trove of old tools and different materials.

The second floor houses a large expansive space for installation, projection, painting, drawing and gatherings. In many ways the heart of Arts Letters & Numbers, this beautiful open space has been the central locus of the performances, meetings and works over the past years of workshops and events. On the second floor of the Mill, there are writing and working surfaces for digital and manual work. In addition, set off from the main space is a fully equipped kitchen, generous dining area and lounge. This space also houses a small library that is growing year by year with many corners to escape to, for reading and contemplation.