Summer at ALN

Since 2012 the summers have been a special time at ALN. For the first couple of years ALN only existed as a summer workshop. Each summer - the facilities in Averill Park was filled with these remarkable programs of wild, intense, exploratory, explosive and deeply moving gatherings. The Summer Workshops literally mark the origin of ALN, back to our first one “Circles: Drawing on Friendship” held in the Mill in the summer of 2012.

As many of the Workshop questions asked involve “risk”, in 2019 it was time, to take the risk of reimagining the ‘Summer Workshop’ itself. This was done through many conversations, creatively searching to understand the role the Workshops have played in ALN and the most precise form they could become within the overall growing project. The 8th summer became: ‘Summer at ALN’, a new dynamic structure giving space for multiple autonomous and interdependent programs of different tones and durations.

Below are more about the past summers, if you are interested in what the next summer will be like, please sign up for our newsletter and we will keep you posted.

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