Work Scholarship Application

We are offering a limited number work scholarships where up to 50% of the residency fee will be subtracted in exchange for work while staying at Arts Letters and Numbers. The scholarships will be given to residents who express a real interest in bringing Arts Letters & Numbers forward and for whom this work exchange is crucial in order to be able to join the Artist in Residence Program. The scholarship is only available for residency durations between 4 and 12 weeks.

When being on a work scholarship you will be expected to fully commit to 20 hours aweek to work together with, or in direction of Arts Letters & Numbers onsite Fellows. Arts Letters & Numbers has gotten to where it is because of enormous dedication by everyone who is part of the organization. Hours and hours of voluntary work are constantly poured into the project with the urge of moving forward. Building an organization of this scale takes deep care, honesty and precision - and each step is crucial. If you do not commit to the time and assigned tasks we will have to end the scholarship and you will be asked to either pay the full residency fee or end your residency earlier than planned.

We will ask you to be flexible in the various tasks you will be given, as there might be adjustments to where the help is mostly needed. Each week we come together and sketch out what needs to be done. The tasks will be, but not limited to:

  • Taking responsibility over certain areas of keeping the house and working facilities clean.

  • Setting up and welcoming incoming residents and guests.

  • Doing errands, picking up/dropping of residents, driving to local community events

    (applicants with driver’s license will be prioritized).

  • Working on house improvements.

  • Working on construction projects in the Mill.

Our hope is that you will find agency in the tasks you have been given and to keep an eye for where your attention might be of use.

When joining our Arts Letters & Numbers team, it means both onsite and when attending community events. It’s highly important for us that you show care and respect for everyone onsite and that you are welcoming to visitors and the community.

Please make sure you have submitted your Residency Application prior to applying for Work Scholarship.

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