Week 1 in Review: Zoetrope Sun

Creating zoetropes began! Workshop participants explored the property, captured curious elements, and brought them into the Mill as sculptures and videos. We explored each other's works first in silence, studying the creator's physical enactment of their own work. As the works began speaking to each other, we recombined the individual works into a silent kinetic performance. 

After such a potent first move, we went straight into creating more zoetropes, this time collectively and at scope larger then the property. Some reached into human psychology and phenomenology, others into outer space.

The intensity of working and living together amplifies a typical collaborative creative practice. Here, theme development reaches perpetual motion, ideas flow 24 hours. The workshop and lecture series this week included corporeal miming with Rich Kuperberg and Ann Morris, physics lecture on light by Robert Harris, authentic movement with Michelle Eliot, a reenactment of Gotham per David Gersten's writing "Gotham Zoetrope", movie screenings featuring works by workshop participants, and an open mic.

We can't stop making zoetropes.