Chris Rose and David Gersten in Conversation

Tuesday July 5th at the House on the Hill

Chris will contribute ideas emerging from the 2016 update of his book about light, human perception, and how the human body solves existential problems in order to give us conscious awareness of 'being-in-the-world'. The subsequent use of theatre to effect shifts in awareness outside of social convention is directly influenced by ideas explored here.

Our evolving skills as artists reflect the existence of embodied phenomena and their constant reinvention. The Zoetrope model could not exist if its underlying principle was not echoed in neurological systems, or more accurately in our use of representations that help us question how conscious experience works. Chris will connect ideas in language, time, vision and touch, including issues arising from being 'neurotypical' or not. In relation to the formative principles of Arts Letters and Numbers, to quote Paul Hawken, 'Networking is the Planet's immunological response to the problems created by ideologies'.