Week 2 in Review: Zoetrope Sun

With intensity increasing our zoetrope experiments grew in scale! This week we worked as twinned groups, making two new zoetropes.  Reflecting on our progress from Week One, we drew the words mirroring, turning, and telling as guides moving forward.

The groups explored new conceptions of surface, through mirrors, water and bodies in motion. Michelle Elliot's "Authentic Movement Workshop"--in conjunction with a group interest in synchronized swimming-- heightened our physical experience of surfaces. We added to our workspace new academic perspectives through a talk by Jennifer Horan's titled "Zoe-Tropes: The Singular-Plural Community in the Philosophy of Jean-Luc Nancy", and David Gersten's telling of "John Hejduk: Through the Wall". At nightfall we reveled in the offerings of open mic saxophone solos, experimental performances, readings, and story tellings all by the workshop participants.

 Rich the Mime helped us refine the nuances of our performance strategy and sensitivity to the body as a story telling device. Group presentations on Saturday used play and exploration as the gateways to multi-sensory discovery.

After our Saturday critique, Dr. Robert Aylward Williams threw in a new angle of consideration with his theatrical talk, "Phantasmagoria: Some Recent Projects Dealing with the Supernatural". No week is complete without a dancing light party, so Wes Rozen led us in long exposure photographic captures of LED lights carried on our bodies.

We are excited to recombine our curiosities and accomplishments into works for the festival! Check out the upcoming festival information here. The count down clock has started!